Summer Fling or Real Thing?


Sparks fly when the warm weather comes around for three months. There is a specific stigma about summer flings that takes us away from the mindset of turning our summer chick into our year long lady. The sense of summer is followed by nothing short of a fresh positive perspective and, truthfully, grants us the ability to take things lighter than when the cold months drift around. The change in attitude completely alters the outlook of any relationship. It’s easy in the summer and everything fits together just right. But, how do you know if it’s just a summer fling or if this is something that could be the real thing? Here are three points that may help.


Where did you meet this potential partner? Distance is something you seriously need to consider before starting a exclusive relationship. Some people have the ability to break down the barriers for distance, especially with today’s technology. But, others need the security of having the other person there in the flesh from time to time. Everyone’s different. It’s just important to find out what barriers you can handle to maintain the “real thing.”

Possible Date-abilty?

It’s important to consider how you spent your time with your fling this summer. Was most of your time spent making out at the bar or picnicking in the park and talking? The more you learned about each other, the more hope that it could blossom into the real thing. Ultimately, would you be willing to bring this fling home during the winter holidays?


This may possibly be the most important point of all. Communicating with one another. It’s extremely important because you need to be on the same page. Be honest and be aware of where you both stand. Are you both in hopes of pursing something more or just living out the rest of the summer and parting ways? Make sure you’re on the same page so the positive vibes don’t turn into a bad brawl.

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