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Make Her Remember You

Woman daydreams about her dateMen, this is not the complicated formula you learned in statistics class. It’s time to simplify things. While most guys do the same thing with women, it’s your job to stand out and give her something to remember you by.  Do something that will make you unforgettable. Subconsciously, this shows her that you are different from the rest of the pack, since she can’t seem to get you off of her mind.

I’ve constructed 5 tips for you to use that will make her remember you and help you stand out amongst the sea of other dudes:

Stimulate her mind

Women don’t want to hear the standard small talk or how cool you are and what you do right off the bat. They want to be hit with a conversation that stands out like celebrity gossip, clothes people are wearing around you, or even chat about other couples nearby. Sometimes you can’t miss the hot mess sloppily spilling her drink on everyone but herself or the beefcake attempting to talk to every girl in sight…thus rendering him “forgettable.” You want to be unforgettable!

The point is you want her to think you are not only interesting, but also fun to talk to.

Compliment from left field

Tell her how gorgeous she looks and try and hone in on some visual aspects of her and compliment them. Instead of the usual, “you have such beautiful eyes” or “I love your smile” compliment her high heels that she’s wearing, jewelry or ask her what she uses on her skin because it’s so nice!

Point being is you don’t want to give them complements they receive every day because why? They wont remember and you blend in. A rare compliment is something they will remember, thus remembering you in a positive light.

Be the Hunted

Do you want to be the “Hunted” or the “Hunter”?

Most men don’t know this, but women often times categorize a man when they meet them.

The 4 categories are- I’ll never date him, I’ll keep him around to stroke my ego, I’ll get with him whenever I find the time, and I would drop anything and everything to be with him. It’s crucial to know which category she puts you in so you know whether to kick her to the curb and upgrade to other eligible bachelorettes.

Narrowing it down to the hunter and hunted. Most guys are the hunter who chase multiple girls and offer them, gifts, dinners, compliments, and attention. The other types of guys are the hunted and they have confidence, strong body language, and a grasp on who they are. Women are instantly attracted to these types rendering them the hunted.

In dating terminology the Hunted are in high demand while the hunters are in low demand. Become the hunted and you will be haunting her mind!

Start at your place

Because that’s where the date will end. Most may say you need to pick up your date, which I still somewhat agree with, but the times have changed. Every guy is picking up their date so by throwing her a curveball and having her come to you is a great start.

When she arrives, leave right away and when your out don’t get too touchy feely with her. You don’t want to give her the creep-vibe or wig her out. Lastly when you drop her off back at your house its playful to say, “I guess you can come in for a little even though it’s a little past my bedtime.” She will be inclined to come check out your place and possibly your bed.

Hold her hand

By holding her hand early on it makes her feel safe, shows her you have confidence, and makes her feel closer to you. All three of those feelings make for a memorable date.

Handholding is underrated, undervalued and underused. So grab her hand and you’ll be sure to grab her heart.

Use this tip and the other four and you will see a difference in your dating life by making women remember and want you.

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