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How to deal when a guy rejects you after the first date

I talk a lot about how to get to a first date and how to get through one, but I don’t think we’ve covered post date protocol enough on PattiKnows. Specifically, the post first date rejection. I know, crappy subject. But, if you’re a single girl who’s dating, it’s going to happen to you. It happens to the best of us. Even me. Hell, especially me! So, here’s my five-step fail proof method for dealing with post first date rejection.

Be sure it’s rejection

If you’ve ever heard me talk about dating ever, you know I think that men are hunters. They see what they want and they go after it. And guys should know that they need to ask you on a second date before your first date is over. But, there are those rare guys who are completely clueless and have no idea what the eff they’re doing when it comes to dating. These doofs just don’t know or might be following some idiot’s guide to dating that says they need to wait three days to call you. So, don’t call the game too early, just because he didn’t ask you on a second date before the goodnight kiss. I say hold your freak out off until at least 24 hours post date. If you haven’t heard from him by then, yeah, I’d say it’s a rejection.

Don’t assume it’s you

Rejection sucks, but he’s not necessarily rejecting you. His reason for not wanting a second date could be a million things, like an ex resurfaced, he’s super swamped at work or he’s just too immature for anything that’s not a one night stand. So, don’t take his rejection too personally or let it get you down about who you are. You’re awesome! Don’t let one jerk who’s picker is off make you forget that.

Spend exactly one day dwelling on it

I know it’s upsetting, but you went on one date with the guy. One date! Don’t let being bummed over the rejection take up more than 24 hours of your life. Cry, eat ice cream, go for a run, do whatever stress relief stuff you normally do. And do it all day. When that 24 hours is up, delete his number and any remaining feelings you had for this bum. He didn’t know a good thing when he saw it and ultimately, that’s not your problem.

Go for a girls’ night

Rally your girls together and go out. Remember, this isn’t your time to bash this guy and dwell on the date. That’s 24 hour period was yesterday. Or the day before, depending on your schedule. This is a fun night with your best friends to remind yourself that you don’t need a dude to have fun.

Go on another date

I know it seems like another date is the last thing in the whole world that you need. Actually, the last thing you need is probably your mother reminding you that your eggs are getting old. Still, another first date could seem like the second to last thing you need. But, it’s actually not. It’ll be good for you. Maybe the date will be a winner. Or maybe it won’t be. The point is that you’re getting back in the saddle and trying again. Don’t let one little rejection make you lose faith in the dating scene forever. You’ll find your guy. Just keep trying, and join my

What’s your rejection blues cure and how much ice cream does it involved? Tell me in the comments below.