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Why all single girls need to work out

I haven’t always been the biggest physical fitness buff. There have been periods of my life where I didn’t work out at all. And let me tell you, I regret them! Re-discovering working out has been one of my best gifts to myself. Working out has made me such a better version of myself. I feel stronger, healthier and more alive now that I work out on a regular basis. Also, I feel like I’m able to be a better partner. Read more

3 Reasons why single girls need single girlfriends

Are you watching The Real Housewives of New York? It's super early in the season and I'm already obsessed! They're such a great group of women in person and make for amazing drama on screen. Love them all! What I think is so interesting is how many of the women are single this year and how much they're bonding over it. Even people who have formerly been at each other's throats, like Luann and Ramona, seem to have made peace and connected due to their single status. It got me thinking about why it's so important for single women to have single friends. Here's why. Read more

Single girls, you need to say “yes” more

Hey single girls, I have some advice for you and it’s really simple. Just say “yes” as much as possible. That’s it. It’s a small word that’s going to have a huge impact on your life if you say it more often. I promise. So many of my single girlfriends say they want love, but shut themselves off to it by saying “no” or “yes, but,” more than they say a plain and simple “yes.” Here’s why I think they need to change that and I think you need to, too. Read more

Does the “Cool Girl” always win?

It goes without saying that in one of our favorite books, now movie, Gone Girl, Amy Elliot Dunne is fully aware of how to play a "cool girl". What is a "cool girl" you ask? Well, in its simplest form a "cool girl" is a guys-girl, the girl whose boyfriends friends all say, "dude she's the best!".

"Cool girls" are the ones who look perfect at all times, even after "rolling out of bed". They drink hard liquor and beer and never get sloppy drunk. They can talk sports all night and laugh at dirty jokes. All guys want a "cool girl". And... why wouldn't they? "Cool girls" are basically dudes that are attractive, have boobs, and are down for absolutely anything in the bedroom. "Cool girls" always get the guy. The thing guys don't realize is that this "cool girl" does not exist. No girl is entirely this cool, she is simply a role well played.

Read more

How do I get him to notice me?

Girl gets noticed on the beach
Alright single ladies, this one’s for you. You have your eyes on a prize. Whether it’s a hottie at work or the fellow across the bar with those piercing gray eyes, you’ve got to get him to notice you. There are a few basics to flirting that can apply to any situation. And here they are. Read more

6 Things single girls don’t understand about women in relationships

I’ve been single when it seems like all of my friends have been in relationships. And I’ve been in relationships when a lot of my gal pals are single. I have a big group of friends, so the truth is that it’s always a mix of relationship statuses. But, there’s always a disconnect between women in relationships and single women. Whenever I’m in a relationship, I feel closer to my friends in relationships. And when I’m single, I feel closer to my friends who are single. I think it’s because single girls and relationship girls just misunderstand each other sometimes. So, in order to help bridge that gap, here are six things single girls always misunderstand about relationship girls. Read more
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