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Here’s the deal: There’s a time and a place for casual sex

casual sex relationship
Every woman needs to clear out the pipes once in a while. If you’re not ready for a relationship, casual sex can work. It’s called "friends with benefits" for a reason -- you like the guy, there’s a physical attraction and you have fun together. The benefit is the easy, unattached sex without the regular needs and requirements of a relationship. It’s an arrangement that can be great for those who don’t want to sleep with multiple partners in order to get a little action. It’s all the fun and play without the deeper needs of a relationship... in a perfect world. Read more

Summer flings: Can you handle it?

The pros and cons of summer flings
Blame it on Danny Zuko and Sandra Dee from Grease -- or virtually any other Hollywood summer fairytale that has all of us wired to love (and long for) a fun summer fling. After all, a season that combines gorgeous, shimmery skin and simple clothing with warm weather and fun outdoor fetes practically begs us to plant a kiss on someone. Read more

“Help! I need to de-stress & forget about my ex!”

Forget about an ex!
Breaking up is hard to do; I’ve gone through it myself. Get past the breakup and the stress by deleting his phone number and stop following him on social networks. Even if he’s busted up about the end of your relationship, chances are he’s going to post about his boys' nights on Facebook. Nobody likes an ending, especially the death of hopes and dreams of forever. After heartbreak, you need to regroup. Purging him from your life sets the motion to move on. Read more
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