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Why all single girls need to work out

signlegirlsatgymI haven’t always been the biggest physical fitness buff. There have been periods of my life where I didn’t work out at all. And let me tell you, I regret them! Re-discovering working out has been one of my best gifts to myself. Working out has made me such a better version of myself. I feel stronger, healthier and more alive now that I work out on a regular basis. Also, I feel like I’m able to be a better partner. So, whenever single girls talk to me about what changes they need to make to their lives to attract the right kind of man, I always suggest working out. Here’s why.

Make time for you

Believe me, I know better than anyone about how an entire day can go by and you can be so wrapped up in your work, friends, family and general schedule that you don’t take a single second to think about yourself and what might make you feel fulfilled. When you throw in searching for, scheduling, going on and following up on dates, your personal reflection time is down in the negatives! That’s where working out is such a gift. Simply taking 45 minutes a day to run or do yoga or lift weights frees you up to actually think and ensures you make time for yourself. You can reflect on your dating life, what you need from a partner and what you can offer. Sometimes, all your dating life needs is some critical thinking and positive energy to jumpstart it. But, you can’t do that if you don’t take the time to. Exercise is the perfect way to make sure you’re setting aside daily time (or at least multiple times a week) for yourself.

Feel strong

Bad dates have a way of making you feel like a weak version of yourself. It’s not that you’re actually weak! It’s that it would take the Superwoman of self-confidence to not get downtrodden from a series of rejections or bad matches. That’s where working out can swoop in and save the day. Knowing that you can run five miles or dominate a spinning class can make you feel strong again. Exercise gives you the opportunity to set and achieve mini goals, which feels awesome. Being able to check off goals can feel especially great when you’re not quite able to knock those dating goals off your list. Because with exercise, hard work always pays off. With dating, you need to put in the work and have a little bit of love magic. I truly believe that love magic is out there for everyone, it just might not be with you exactly when you want it there, you know?

Be who you want to date

Don’t you want to date someone who takes care of himself, looks fit and is going to be healthy for a long time? I sure do! Guess what? Men want that too! Make yourself as attractive as possible for a long-term emotional investment by investing in long-term healthiness for yourself. If you put the effort into being the kind of quality person you’d want to date, you’ll attract a quality person who wants to date you! It’s really that simple.

Any other women out there who turned from couch lumps to work out fiends and love the impact it’s made on their lives? Let me know in the comments!

Photo credit: midwestnerd / CC BY