#AskPatti: Hitting on men, long distance relationships & unavailable women

ask-patti-squareYay! It’s my favorite time of the week! Time to answer your #AskPatti questions. I got into matchmaking because I love helping people fall in love. I just never dreamed I’d be doing it on this big of a scale! I’m getting questions from all over the world and it feels so, so awesome to be able to offer you love, relationship and sex advice. Alright, on to this week’s questions!



Neve, you answered your own question here. Yes, you are supposed to let a man lead and yes, you’re supposed to show interest too. Showing interest doesn’t necessarily mean walking up to a man and asking if his legs are tired because he’s been running through your mind all day. The most effective way to show interest in a guy is the five-second flirt. Catch his eye and smile at him for five full seconds. It will feel like a long time to you, but it’ll be just long enough to entice him and show him you’re interested. He’ll come over and introduce himself within five minutes. I guarantee it. Tweet me after you use the five-second flirt and let me know how it went.



Any amount of distance is doable as long as there’s love, trust, communication and an end date. Even the best, strongest couples can’t make it through an indefinite long distance relationship. With the promise of togetherness on the horizon, no matter how far away it is, it can work!



Whenever I have a client say that they’re “always” running into the same problem, I have to wonder if they’re somehow attracting this problem. And if you only attract women in relationships, then, yeah, you’re attracting a problem. I say stop flirting with unavailable women and don’t even consider them a romantic possibility. If you’re not sending out lovin’ vibes to all the married ladies, I bet these types of romantic entanglements will completely melt out of your life. Spend all of that man-flirt power on women who are actually single and you’ll see some results from available women, I promise.



Alright, my chickadees, that’s all for this week. Please, keep your questions coming. I have some real winners lined up for next week already, but am always looking for new ones. Until then, stay sexy, my loves!