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Why I hate ending a date early

I was at brunch the other day next to a loud group of young twenty-something women. One of them was blabbing about how, the night before, she walked out of a date after 15 minutes. She described the guy as nice, but dorky and boring. Apparently, they had zero chemistry. She picked up her purse, threw down money for the drink and walked right out of there. She was so proud telling her friends about it. It took every ounce of self-control I had not to flip the table. Read more

Outgrown your man? How to tell…

Men aren’t like a pair of overalls you had in first grade that you get too big for and give to your younger cousin. Well, not exactly. But, you can outgrow your man. Relationships evolve and so do you, honey. If your man isn’t evolving and changing with you, you could have outgrown him already. Here’s how to tell. Read more

3 Amazingly original cold weather date ideas

Hey East Coast... and basically anywhere that’s not Southern California, I feel you! It’s cold! I get the chills just watching the weather reports. And cold weather doesn’t always lend itself to romance and fun date ideas. It’s hard to feel romantic and sexy when you can’t feel your fingers and your nose is running. I get it! But, that doesn’t mean that you have to wait for the spring thaw to get romantic and creative with dates. Read more

How to tell if you’re dating down

I have a large group of very fabulous girlfriends. I may be a bit biased, but I really think they’re some of the best women on the whole planet. And sometimes, I find myself being less than impressed with the men in their lives. Read more

How a psychic can help your (and my) love life

I’m open to any and all help in the love department. Even as a love expert myself, I need to seek counsel on my own life. Some people may say that’s a sign of weakness or that asking other experts for help means that I’m not good at my job. To those haters, I say get a life! Doctors have to go to other doctors for medical treatments. Therapists talks to other therapists when they need help. Being an expert doesn’t mean that you’re perfect. I’ve never met a respected expert who thinks they’re flawless. And I certainly don’t. Anyway, I recently talked to my psychic therapist, Tara Sutphen. She had some fantastic Read more

The Number One Dating Mistake

Here's the number one dating mistake. Hoping they will change. I’m about to tell you something I want you to remember. It's a visual I'd like you to put inside your brain. Think of a man you're dating right now. Think about the relationship dynamic. Are you looking for him to change or become something you wish he would be? Read more
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