How a psychic can help your (and my) love life

psychicI’m open to any and all help in the love department. Even as a love expert myself, I need to seek counsel on my own life. Some people may say that’s a sign of weakness or that asking other experts for help means that I’m not good at my job. To those haters, I say get a life! Doctors have to go to other doctors for medical treatments. Therapists talks to other therapists when they need help. Being an expert doesn’t mean that you’re perfect. I’ve never met a respected expert who thinks they’re flawless. And I certainly don’t. Anyway, I recently talked to my psychic therapist, Tara Sutphen. She had some fantastic insights for me and some things I knew you guys would find interesting, too. So, thought I’d share!

In general, how can consulting a psychic help with someone’s love life? 

A good psychic can save you years of being on the wrong path. What a psychic says doesn’t mean the foretelling is written in stone. It is most likely written in sand. You can change your mind and change your path. A good psychic is there to give clarity and confirmation. Readings and predictions are meant to give you information. With love, or any issue, a psychic gives you valuable information for you to make your own choices.

Based on your expertise, what or who should I be looking for as I’m getting back into dating? 

You need someone who loves a certain intensity. Look for someone who wants to communicate. Most importantly, look for a man who wants to be your best friend. You should be looking for someone who will help manage your life and whom you could help manage his. And, of course, look for lots of kissing and holding hands. You need someone who’s big on romance and simple gestures of kindness.

What or who should I be avoiding when it comes to dudes?  

When you are walking a path of intention toward finding a soul mate, every chance meeting could be the one or lead you to the one. Worry less about what not to do or who not to find and instead, focus on trusting the journey.

Has your psychic expertise ever helped a client’s love life? 

Yes, certainly! I have many clients who come to me to find love. We do therapy, hypnosis, psychic sessions and sometimes love spells. It’s all about coming into synch with your heart and personal resonance to attract “the one.” Here’s a recent success…I was seeing a man who was somewhat of a doubter. Still, I worked with him. I told him he had already met his forever girl and he should get ready to be in love. He didn’t believe me, but guess what? He had already met his soulmate and after he and I worked together, they connected romantically and are happily married now! He just wasn’t open to receiving her as his partner when he met her initially. It took a little work to get him to trust the journey…like how I was explaining you should, too!

Check out Tara’s website for more information on her and to book an appointment. I benefited a lot from my work with her and am still thinking and working on a lot of what we discussed!

(Author’s note: This interview was slightly edited to be as easy to read as possible.)