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How a psychic can help your (and my) love life

I’m open to any and all help in the love department. Even as a love expert myself, I need to seek counsel on my own life. Some people may say that’s a sign of weakness or that asking other experts for help means that I’m not good at my job. To those haters, I say get a life! Doctors have to go to other doctors for medical treatments. Therapists talks to other therapists when they need help. Being an expert doesn’t mean that you’re perfect. I’ve never met a respected expert who thinks they’re flawless. And I certainly don’t. Anyway, I recently talked to my psychic therapist, Tara Sutphen. She had some fantastic Read more

A real witch shares how love spells can help your love life

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been spending a lot of time consulting my favorite experts for love advice. I’m talking to them for me, but I also set aside some extra time to get information and tips that could be helpful to you all, too! Recently, I chatted about love spells with psychic, intuitive counselor, teacher, healer and spellcaster, Marie Bargas. You might know her better as The Hollywood Witch. I think you’re going to love learning about love spells! Read more