5 Things to do when you’re the only single friend

When you’re in a friend group, things seem to happen to everyone at the same time. Everyone gets mono at the same time, everyone gets a new job at the same time and everyone gets a boyfriend at the same time. Or, almost everyone. When you’re the friend in the group who’s off schedule, it can feel really lonely. The loneliness is especially noticeable when they’re all in a relationship section of their schedule and you’re in a single part of yours. Fear not, sweet thing. It’s not the end of the world or even the end of your friend group. But, there are a few things you should do when you’re the only single friend.

Ask for set ups

Take advantage of your friends’ boyfriends and husbands. Not like that! I mean ask them to introduce you to single dudes in their orbit. Some men aren’t comfortable arranging set ups. I don’t know why! Creating a couple is such a mitzvah. If these new boyfriends aren’t the set up type, that’s fine. It’s definitely not a road block. Ask them to include you in group outings with their buddies or sneak an invite to their parties. A new boyfriend in your friend group can mean a whole new crop of men for you date. You just need to be proactive about it!

Get yours

Look, it’s 2018 and meeting dudes through your friends or with your friends isn’t the only way to do it any more. Use all the tools on your tool belt to get yourself a man. And online dating is a big tool on that belt! You don’t need a crew of single pals to swipe. Aggressively get to swiping and you’ll have a boo of your own to bring to group functions in no time.

Make new friends

It is nice to have friends who are in your exact same life stage. I’m not dissing your current ladies, but there’s a lot to be said for relating to someone. Go out and get yourself some girlfriends who feel you right now. Ask your co-worker to get a drink or stick around your gym class and get that cool looking chick from the front row to join you for a smoothie. You don’t have to ditch your friend group at all. Just expand your social circle a bit to include some ladies that you’re on the same page as.

Go out solo

This doesn’t have to mean going out to a bar by yourself, although I do think that’s a good idea. It just means doing stuff without your posse. Try that rock climbing gym by yourself. Or go to that book reading alone. Is there a whiskey tasting happening by your office? Stop by after work and don’t bring a wing woman. Believe it or not, men are intimidated by groups of women. Showing up solo could make meeting a man way easier than when you’re with a posse.

Enjoy third wheeling

You can and should still hang out with your friends when they’re in couples. Just make sure it’s time you actually enjoy. I ensure this by limiting my third wheel time and making it really intentional when it happens. I keep my life full and busy so I’m not totally dependent on my couple friends. That way, I can opt into third wheel time and not feel like I’m constantly forced into it.

Being the only single girl in your group isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It can push you into doing some really cool things and meeting awesome people you wouldn’t have met otherwise. Enjoy it!