How to Have Fun as a Single Girl at a Family Wedding

5563954116_97734e2ce5Is anyone else dealing with back-to-back weddings this summer? I am and so many of my girlfriends are too. And weddings are of course super happy occasions. I totally live for weddings! But, even I’ll admit, they’re a little happier when you’re in a couple. When you’ve got a man, a wedding is basically a big, fancy date that someone else is paying for. When you’re single, they’re kinda a big fat reminder of how alone you are…with cake. And when it’s a family wedding, the fun factor can be turned down even more because your weird Aunt Helene is sucking the air out of the room. Trust me, I know the story. (If you’re reading this, hi, Aunt Helene!) Well, here’s how to have fun at a crappy family wedding if you’re single.

Treat yourself

Before the wedding even starts, you need to get your head in the game. Take yourself out and get yourself some goodies that will make you feel like a million bucks at the wedding. Maybe it’s a new dress or some jaw-droppingly awesome heels. It could just be a blow out or a manicure. Maybe it’s a walk around the block to get a little color on your shoulders so you feel awesome showing them off. Do whatever makes you feel your best when you walk through those doors. That’s what’s going to start the night off on the right foot.

Mingle during cocktails

I know your family is going to try to corner you as soon as cocktails start and you need to avoid that. Maybe show up early before the ceremony and catch up with people then to get around this. Do whatever it takes because cocktail hour is your time to scope the scene. Figure out who’s single and stand next to them. Guaranteed that an available guy will strike up a conversation with you if you’re near him. And cocktails is such as easy breezy time to meet new people because there’s no stuffy seating and lots of reasons to move around and talk to new people. It’s basically like a bar scene where everyone is friendly. Meet as many cool people as you can.

Be bold

Once the wedding reception starts, the only way to change a situation that you’re in is to be bold. Don’t like where you’re sitting? Eat quickly and be the first on the dance floor! Want that cute guy from cocktails to dance with you? Drag him out of his seat! Need to turn the party up? Pull the DJ aside and put in some requests for awesome music! It’s up to you to make the night as magical as possible. And I know it can feel weird if being brazen isn’t in your personality, but it’s just one night. Pretend to be a woman who refuses to have a bad night and you won’t be a woman who has a bad night! Get it?

Hope that helps you with the rest of your summer weddings. Best of luck out there, single ladies!

Photo credit: Paula Satijn / CC BY