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How to ask to bring a plus one to a wedding

Wedding season is in full swing and will be going on for several more months. As you probably know, I love a wedding! Going to a ton of weddings is one of the biggest perks of my job and nothing makes me happier than dancing at a satisfied client’s wedding. Of course, I’m not so into weddings that I’m blinded to the stress that comes along with them. I totally do. And you don’t have to be the bride or groom to feel it. You don’t even have to be in their family or close group of friends. Just opening a wedding invitation addressed to you can bring on some seriously stressful feels. One of the biggest things I hear people stressing over is how to ask for a plus one when they’re invited solo. So, here are my tips. Read more

How to Have Fun as a Single Girl at a Family Wedding

Is anyone else dealing with back-to-back weddings this summer? I am and so many of my girlfriends are too. And weddings are of course super happy occasions. I totally live for weddings! But, even I’ll admit, they’re a little happier when you’re in a couple. When you’ve got a man, a wedding is basically a big, fancy date that someone else is paying for. When you’re single, they’re kinda a big fat reminder of how alone you are…with cake. And when it’s a family wedding, the fun factor can be turned down even more because your weird Aunt Helene is sucking the air out of the room. Trust me, I know the story. (If you’re reading this, hi, Aunt Helene!) Well, here’s how to have fun at a crappy family wedding if you’re single. Read more

How To Make ‘Your Day’ Your Own

Married couple enjoys their wedding
The most important thing we can impart to our couples is to make it their own. You are only going to do this once so your wedding day should tell your story and have relevance to your courtship, your lives, and all the things you are passionate about and enjoy doing together. Consider what you and your fiancé love and what defines you as a couple (your favorite cocktail, the best meal you ever had, that one song you can't help but get down to, that one painting that you are both drawn to at the museum, the magazine tears you've saved featuring your dream home) and find ways of incorporating those things into your wedding day. Read more

How long should your engagement period be?

Couple gets engaged
Gone are the days when couples are expected to be engaged for a year or more. For the sake of you and your fiance's peace of mind, your engagement period should only be as long as necessary to successfully design and plan your wedding engagements. That being said, longer engagements do obviously have their perks.  Firstly, your guests have time to save up for your wedding, book their travel and accommodations, and get time off of work.  Additionally, if you are not working with a wedding planner, this period will allow you and your fiancé enough time to find and book your vendors (who are likely still available), plan and enjoy all celebratory parties (i.e. engagement party, any showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties), and really enjoy and relish in the feeling of being engaged. Read more

Gay Wedding Bliss

two men on top of a wedding cake
When I was a kid in high school, I remember loving all the history classes I took. I would often imagine what it would be like to have been alive and present for many of those great moments. Would I have been a rebel fighting at the picket lines for change- or would I have been a passer-by- watching and wondering what would happen. This past Sunday I had the opportunity to truly "marry" my affinity for history and my passion for love. I attended the Lesbian & Gay Wedding Expo sponsored by FRONTIERS Magazine in Downtown Los Angeles. Read more

Let’s Get Married

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As a gay man, there are certain things that you obligated to talk about with all of your best girlfriends:

Hair (Should she cut it, or color it) Television Shows (Who do you want to sleep with on the CW) Sex (giving her advice on how to use a penis properly) And last but not least…. Weddings. You see, a straight girl can chat about all her crazy wedding fantasies to her gay best friend and not feel like…. she is being crazy. Read more