3 Hard truths single girls need to hear

Single girls, I feel you. Big time. In fact, I am one of you! I know it’s not easy. Being single can totally suck. But, single girls, we need to stop whining. My single girlfriends can sound like bummer broken records, repeating phrases like, “I hate being single,” “Where are all the good guys?” and “I have no idea why I can’t find a man!” Girls, we’ve got to knock it off. Instead of complaining, you need to be absorbing these hard truths.

You’re not trying hard enough

The number one thing I say to my girlfriend and my clients…and I’ll say to you…is that you’re not trying hard enough. If your goal is to get a husband on lockdown, make it your number one priority. Treat it like you would a job search. Spend time focusing on how to find a husband, develop a strategy and create milestones you need to hit. Contrary to every single romantic comedy, chances are the perfect guy isn’t going to hit your car or save you from being hit by a car or pull you over for driving your car through a red light. Get rid of any car-related romance fantasies. Just like anything else, nabbing a solid dude takes work. And you’re not putting in enough hard work right now.

You’re not doing it right

If you’re dating a ton and not having any luck finding Mr. Right, then guess what? You’re doing it wrong. Why would you continue to try the same exact way you’ve been trying? You have zero proof that your way works. Shake it up! Do something different. Get on different sites and apps. Change your criteria and style of messaging. Read a book on how to hook a man. Enlist the help of a professional matchmaker. Stop doing what you’re doing because you’re clearly not doing it right.

It might not be your time

I’m a major believer in the Universe having a plan for all of us. And even though you want to be in a relationship now, the Universe might have a different plan for you. Now’s not the time for you to be in a relationship. Maybe you need to work on yourself a bit more before you’re ready for a relationship or maybe it’s about waiting for your perfect guy to get out of the dating situation he’s in. The Universe knows what’s best and nothing’s going to happen unless it’s in the perfect timing on the Universe. That doesn’t mean you can’t try, but it does mean you need to accept the present.

Sometimes I need to say these things to myself in the mirror when I’m in a rut. So, don’t take this tough love personally. Let these hard truths motivate you instead of discourage you!