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Single girls, the one thing you should be doing that you’re probably not

dont succeedLike all human women, I’m a massive fan of Madonna. She is everything! Well, almost everything. She recently proved that she’s not a great comedian. Did you catch her stand up on The Tonight Show? It was no bueno. Check it out.

Woof, right? But, guess what? I think it’s great that she failed. Yup, I said, GREAT! I actually think we should all be doing a whole lot more failing. That’s right! I think failure is a good thing, especially when it comes to love. And if you’re single and aren’t failing when it comes to romance, you’re not doing it right. Here’s why I think single girls need to fail more.

It means you’re trying

If you’re not failing at romance, it means you’re not trying at all. You need to put yourself out there and get rejected, hurt and confused to find your man. If you’re worried about keeping up appearances and never getting hurt or embarrassed by love, then you’re just not going to find it. You have to be open to failure to be open to love. So, get out there and kiss a few frogs. You’ll find that prince…eventually!

You learn something/h3>
Failure is an amazing teacher. After every relationship or romantic failure, we learn something. You thought you wanted a traditional man, but after dating one and having it fall apart, maybe you realized that you’re a whole lot less traditional than you thought. Or maybe you kept up your guard for too long with your last guy and he had to end it because he didn’t think you two were connecting. So, next time you’ll learn to be a little more open and vulnerable. If you don’t have any failures, then you’re not going to learn about relationships, love and, most importantly, yourself!

Great things come from risk/h3>
Amazing doors open up when you’re not afraid to fail. Risk is what brings in the biggest rewards and you can only truly experience risk when you’re open to failure. It’s scary, but it’s also exciting. There’s so much opportunity in risk and failure. Think about that more than the potential for pain and embarrassment and you’ll find opening up to risk will come a lot more easily.

So, go out there and fail a few times. I promise you’ll be glad you did!