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Smoking hot whites for millionaire men that last way past Labor Day

If you’re a millionaire lady looking to deck out her boo – or dating a millionaire man and want to treat him to something special – white is where it’s at. Aside from a boring dress shirt, men don’t generally wear white. But, I think it’s a smoking hot color. With just about any complexion, white makes a man’s eye pop. And a man’s eyes really do it for me. Absolutely do not listen to anybody who says you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day. Rules like that can be broken, as long as you’re breaking them in style. Read more

Dress like a millionaire in whites that last way past Labor Day

Labor Day is coming up. And while the end of summer traditionally means the end of your warm weather white ensembles, it totally doesn’t have to! White can be a year round color in your wardrobe if you pick the right pieces. In fact, I think year round white is a very classy style and can make anyone look like a millionaire if you do it right. So, I did some digital window shopping (and maybe did some actual shopping for myself on a few of these pieces... I couldn’t help myself!) and pulled out Read more