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5 Dating Behaviors That Are Stressing You Out

Woman stressed over dating
Nobody ever said that dating was a walk in the park, and I'm all about the little things that make the process of finding love just a bit easier. Here are five dating habits that are totally stressing you out, and how to break them. Read more

Is Being Single Totally Exhausting?

Frustrated single woman bangs her head against the wall
Lately, I've heard a lot of talk about how being single is surprise there! Repeatedly getting your hopes up before a date, only to have it be a total disaster can start to weigh on you, and between all of the online dating sites, apps and communication (texting, emails, gchat, phone calls...) you have to manage, dating can start to feel like a chore. If dating is just one more thing on your to-do list, and exasperates you rather than excites you, you may have a case of singles burnout on your hands. Here is how to get back to a place where dating is more exciting than exhausting. Read more

How To Stay Positive After a Bad Date…Or Ten 

woman stays positive after a bad date
There are few things more defeating than coming home after a bad date. The disappointment can be enough to make you want to delete your online dating profiles, tell your friends you're off the market and declare yourself eternally single. If you're serious about finding love though, you're going to have to accept that bad dates just come with the territory, and it's how you handle them that really matters. For every bad date there will be five good ones-at least that is the pattern I've noticed in my own life. Here are some tips on how to stay positive after a no good, terrible, horrible date. Read more

Is Social Media Bad For Your Relationship?

Girl on social media on her phone
For 99.999% of us, social media is part of our daily lives. We wake up and immediately grab our phones, mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We use apps for just about everything, and we thrive on being constantly connected. For the most part, social media just makes everything easier, and I'm never, ever going to be the girl who tells you to “disconnect” from the world for a week or something seriously crazy like'd have to pry my own iphone from my hands first. With that said, social media can take it's toll on your romantic relationships, if you don't proceed with a bit of caution. Read more

4 Tricks to Get Your Couch Potato Active

Man sits on couch watching tv
In a perfect world, the people we are romantically interested in would share most of our interests, goals and passions. It's easy to date someone when these things completely line up, but not at all realistic. Part of what makes dating so fun-and unpredictable-is that we often fall for people who are different from us, people who aren't interested in the same things or don't share a common lifestyle. It's great to broaden your horizons but what happens when the person you're dating  and really like doesn't share your healthy lifestyle? If your idea of a fun Saturday includes a strenuous early morning hike and a green juice while your significant other prefers to sleep in and watch Netflix all day, it might seem like the relationship is doomed. However, with a little compromise, it is possible to find common ground. Read more

4 Ways To Get Through a Break-up The Healthy Way

Woman ignored her ex-boyfriend

AKA how to avoid drowning your heartbreak in vodka and snickers...

Break-ups are the worst. When a relationship ends and you find yourself alone, it can be difficult to get out of bed, let alone dig deep to find the motivation to drink a green smoothie and hit the gym. However, there are small things you can do every day that will make the break-up process that much smoother, and get you on your way to moving on fast! Read more