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5 Fitness Friendly Date Ideas

couple takes surfing lesson for a date
While I don't consider jogging on side-by-side treadmills at your local gym the definition of romance, it is possible to get your sweat on while on a date. Taking a fitness class together is a great date idea, as it allows you to get to know each other in a low pressure environment--no awkward silences here! It's also a good test to see if you can relax and have fun together without worrying about how you look because nobody looks perfect and sexy at all times when they are working out . Not all fitness classes are ideal for couples though, so instead of inviting your crush to an advanced Crossfit class, consider these more date-friendly options instead. Read more

5 Healthy Habits That Can Ignite Your Love Life

Woman celebrates healthy lifestyle
The benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle are well documented, but did you know that certain healthy habits can also have a drastic affect on your love life? Here are five of my favorite healthy habits to start today. Read more

How To Stay Healthy While Dating

Woman eyes a salad while dating
When you're single and dating, a jam packed schedule full of happy hours, coffee dates and romantic dinners provide ample opportunities to find someone you'll really click with. Unfortunately, going on dates a few times a week can wreck havoc on your healthy lifestyle as all of those craft beers, fancy cocktails, three course meals and sugary coffee drinks start to add up and not only that, you might start finding yourself too busy with dating to hit the gym. So what's a girl to do? Is it possible to date and stay fit at the same time? By following a few rules, you can definitely have your date and eat on it, too. Read more