The Healthy Heart

How To Stay Healthy While Dating

Woman eyes a salad while datingWhen you’re single and dating, a jam packed schedule full of happy hours, coffee dates and romantic dinners provide ample opportunities to find someone you’ll really click with. Unfortunately, going on dates a few times a week can wreck havoc on your healthy lifestyle as all of those craft beers, fancy cocktails, three course meals and sugary coffee drinks start to add up and not only that, you might start finding yourself too busy with dating to hit the gym. So what’s a girl to do? Is it possible to date and stay fit at the same time? By following a few rules, you can definitely have your date and eat on it, too.


Every Date is Not a Celebration.

One of the pinnacles of leading a healthy lifestyle, while dating or not, is to be selective with your indulgences. Dating isn’t code for “free for all” when it comes to your diet, and it’s important to not treat every date like it’s a special occasion. Consider your environment-if your date takes you to an amazing fondue spot, go all in and please don’t order a grilled chicken breast, no oil, with a side of broccoli, no butter. However, if you’re meeting for dinner at a restaurant you frequent fairly often, there is no need to order the most decadent item on the menu or drinks and dessert.


Limit Alcohol.

I think we all can admit that it’s much easier to order the nachos with extra cheese and extra sour cream after you’ve had a few drinks, right? Not only that, but it’s highly unlikely you’ll get up for your boot-camp class in the morning after getting wasted and eating junk the night before…it’s a delicious, yet oh so vicious cycle. By limiting your alcohol consumption, you will prevent the drunk munchies from taking over, plus you won’t have to deal with a hangover the next day, or worse be stuck wondering if you drank too much, did something embarrassing and that’s why your date isn’t calling.


Make Fitness a Priority.

It’s all too easy to skip out on the gym after work in lieu of going to dinner with someone you’re interested in. Who wants to be on the treadmill alone watching the Real Housewives re-runs while you could be sipping on wine and cuddled up in a booth with someone special? Missing a few workouts once in a while won’t hurt you, but if you haven’t worked up a sweat in a week or two because of date night conflicts, it’s time to refocus your priorities. Instead of scheduling your workouts around your dates (which doesn’t seem to be working) try scheduling your dates around your fitness. Commit to a date with yourself-go for a run, lift some weights, take a fitness class-and don’t flake, no matter who asks you out! Chances are, they’ll respect your commitment and have no problem being flexible with plans. If you need a bit of financial incentive, do as I do…Classes at the gym I go to fill up fast and are booked well in advance. Since I get charged a slightly ridiculous and exorbitant fee for canceling, it’s rare that I’ll miss a workout, no matter who wants to sip on wine and curl up in a booth with me.


Share an Experience, Not a Meal

The standard drinks or dinner routine can get boring, fast. Instead, suggest a sunset hike, bike ride, or take a walk around a museum. Have fun with it and see if your date is up for some friendly competition in the form of bowling or miniature golf. Be creative-actively doing something with your date is a fun way to get to know each other and gives you plenty of things to talk about. By sharing an experience together, you’ll bond faster and begin making lasting memories.