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4 Ways To Get Through a Break-up The Healthy Way

Woman ignored her ex-boyfriendAKA how to avoid drowning your heartbreak in vodka and snickers…

Break-ups are the worst. When a relationship ends and you find yourself alone, it can be difficult to get out of bed, let alone dig deep to find the motivation to drink a green smoothie and hit the gym. However, there are small things you can do every day that will make the break-up process that much smoother, and get you on your way to moving on fast!

Get Outside

Allow yourself one or two days max of hibernation and then you must start backing away from the Netflix and get some fresh air. I’m not saying you need to commit to an entire night on the town or marathon training; I’m talking more of a walk around the block. Depression can set in fast and dirty, so it’s important to get outside and see that although you feel like you’ll never move on, there is an entire world out there just waiting for you to feel better. Take it as slow as you need to, but keep moving forward, one step and one breath at a time. Also? Shower.

Get Off The Heartbreak Diet

When you’re in the midst of a breakup, food is generally the last thing on your mind. You’re running on adrenaline, you aren’t hungry, and you might literally feel sick over the end of the relationship, which means you start skipping meals and may go days without eating. While your skinny jeans might all of a sudden be baggy, this is not a good thing! Hi, you’re starving yourself. When your body lacks essential nutrients and starts running out of the fuel it needs to, ya know, keep you alive, you basically begin to feel like crap. I’m pretty sure that is the medical term. Take care of your body at the most basic level by eating (and drinking water). Eat something delicious, this isn’t the time to count calories! If your best friend offers to bring you over lunch, let her. If Wheat Thins and brie become breakfast, lunch and dinner because it’s all that sounds good to you, it’s better than nothing. Literally.

Be Selfish

One upside of finding yourself suddenly single is that you no longer have to worry about the needs, wants and happiness of another person…the spotlight is now solely on you! Take advantage of this time to do the things, big and small, that you might have been putting off because of your relationship. Maybe you wanted to spend your evenings with your boyfriend instead of going to a yoga class with your co-worker…well, no time like the present to savasana it out! Now that you have the time to do more of the things that make you happy, don’t wait! Focusing on yourself is the best way to not only move on with your life, but will set you up for success when you meet someone whom you’re never going to want to breakup with.

Be Kind To Yourself

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to getting over a break-up. Every relationship is different and some break-ups can make you feel like you might never love again, so give yourself time and space to move through the barrage of emotions coming your way. This is not the time to be strict with yourself, or try to “fix” anything your torn up self-esteem might be telling you is wrong with you. This also isn’t the time to start a new diet plan, or make any rash decisions, like going from brunette to blonde overnight. Chill out! You have enough change to handle without throwing a new hair color into the mix. Have a glass of wine, hang out with your family and friends a lot (they will never stop loving you) and be kind to yourself above all else.