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4 Online Dating Mistakes Women Make

Woman sets up her online dating profileAttention Ladies! Attention online shoppers! Attention man hunting women!

Online dating profiles do not require, nor give you the right to share an epic romance novel with the world. We do not want to see the second coming of Ariel and Eric in the Little Mermaid. As some of you know, a few weeks ago I ran a special offer where I would rewrite your online dating profile. So, the last week I’ve been doing nothing but looking at women’s profiles. I’ve been on all the dating sites too. Plenty of Fish,, OKCupid and a few others.

I’ve found 3 common mistakes 99% of women seem to make on their online dating profiles, so if you’re looking for love online you need to pay attention to this very carefully. These 3 mistakes are guaranteed to keep your inbox full of nothing but players and guys wanting the late night booty call!

1. The epic novel

An online dating profile should be short, sweet, and to the point. Almost like reading an ESPN synopsis of a football game. But let me tell you, that’s not what I’ve been finding the last week. It’s like reading War and Peace on some of your profiles. It puts guys off instantly.

Not only did I find epic novels, I also found something else women like to do on their profiles that also turns men off in a heartbeat.  I call it…

2. The reprimanding bitch!

There were some profiles where women laid out every little thing men had done wrong to them in the past, and warned any guy reading that repeating these mistakes would be a deadly error. What does this tell me about you? It tells me that first, you haven’t made peace with your past. You’re hung up on ex-boyfriends, and you’re probably still wounded from whatever they did to you.

It also tells me if we make one little mistake with you, you’re going to take our balls, and you’re going to crush them into little pieces. You’re like the evil baby sitter who scares the kid so much they daren’t do anything naughty. It’s not attractive in a potential girlfriend.  This brings me to the next horrible profile habit women are starting to develop.

3. The list maker

I love reading the lists. You write lists of all the things you are, and all the things I have to be to date you. In my male mind I’m thinking to myself, you date like you grocery shop. “Right I need some eggs, a couple of pints of yogurt, a gallon of milk, a bag of cookies, and some aspirin to deal with all these lists I’m writing!”

4. The travel brochure writer

This is one of my favorites. I love your travel brochures. They’re so much fun. You write and post photos of all the different places you’ve travelled. I can barely see you in any of the photos but the scenery is amazing. I have to squint to actually find you, and when I do, you’re standing next to other people so I’m not even sure which one you are.

Post recent pictures that show exactly who you are, and what you look like. We need to know if we’re attracted to you from the get go. It doesn’t matter if you’re chunky or heavy set. There are plenty of men who are attracted to women with a heavy body type. Those are the men you want to attract, but if they can’t see how you look, they won’t know you’re in their target market.

Keep it simple when you’re meeting men online. We want to know you’re fun, cool to hang out with, you’re not going to bust our balls, and that we’re physically attracted to you in some way. That’s all men are worried about. Online dating is just a way of introducing yourself to the potential partners. It’s a lead generating system. Don’t try to over-sell yourself in your profile. It’s about creating initial interest and no more than that. You can try to win our hearts on the first date.

Less is more when it comes to the male mind and attraction. When you put up the epic novel or the Little Mermaid story, we don’t care. It makes us roll our eyes and click to the next profile. Now, go and re-work that profile. Get rid of the novel, get rid of the bitch list, get rid of the travel brochure, and get rid of the old pictures that look nothing like you. Keep it simple, and create a profile that is more man-friendly.