Online Dating Opening Lines You Should Never Use

8656951633_c2690a0605Online dating or dating via apps (that’s still online dating…or is there another word for that?) is not easy. You HAVE to do it if you’re single and want to meet someone, though. Did you read that? It’s a must. No questions about that. Relying on in person connections exclusively is like running a mile with your feet tied together. You might get to the end, but man, is there an easier way. In online dating, the rules are a little different than with in person meetings. Women can and should make the first move online. The only catch is that it’s tough and easy to fall into the trap of starting with an opening line that’s going to get you nowhere. To help you avoid that, here are 5 opening lines you should never use on online dating.


No exclamation point even? Honestly, though, this wouldn’t be any better with the exclamation point. You want to start to build some textual chemistry with this guy, and an opening of “hi” is leading straight to Snoozeville. The convo’s going to go, “Hi,” “Hi,” “How are you?” “Fine. How are you?” “Fine.” I’ve had a more interesting conversations with my hairdryer. Playing it safe online is boring. And hi is the epitome of safe and boring. Do yourself a favor and show him your personality as soon as you can!

How tall are you?

What if a man asked you how big your boobs were right off the bat? It would make you feel like less of a person and like there’s no right way to answer the question. If you don’t answer, you come off as aloof and cold. If you do, should you be honest? Is what you say too big? Too small? That’s how a man feels about his height. And just trust that any man is tall enough when he has the right personality and accomplishments.

What’s your job?

Again, you’ve got to focus on textual chemistry with online connections, not your checklist. Of course I don’t want you to settle and ignore any of your non-negotiables. But, your first interaction with the guy doesn’t have to be about his employment. You’re looking for a life partner, not your next assistant. Think more about core values that current job.

Waffles or pancakes?

I hate gimmicky questions like this. People think the answers to questions like these reveal so much about a person. Really, they’re just conversation stoppers. Think of a real question based on information on his profile, not something generic you ask every dude you match with.

I like your pics.

This says nothing about you! And of course you like his pics. You swiped right on him! Also, this is something you could say to any guy you connected with. Think of something original for the dude. Give him something to work with, lady!

Good luck out there, my singles. I know online dating can be discouraging, but remember, it only takes one!

Photo credit: pedrosimoes7 / CC BY