5 Signs It’s A Good First Date Before You Even Say a Word

18165403493_06e9b0e1d8First dates can be the kind of magic that gives Criss Angel a run for his money. They can also be the kind of hell that makes taking an ice pick to the funny bone sound pleasant. That’s the thing with first dates, they’re a total crapshoot. You could win big in the love department or end up with, well, crap! I have five signs that should help you determine if your first date is going to be amazing or if it’s just another first date dud before the date even starts.

He makes a plan

A good guy makes a plan well before the day of the date. You know exactly where and when you’re going out and what you’re going to do. There’s no, “Is it just drinks? Or dinner, too? Should I wear heels or are we going to be standing all night?” A sign of a respectful guy who has it together is a solid plan way in advance. If you’ve got that going, you’re well on your way to a great date.

He checks in

It’s the day of the date and he texts, calls or messages you through the dating site or app to check in and see if the plan still works. And he does this several hours before the date, not a few minutes before meeting time. If you know as early in the day as possible that your date for the evening is still on and he’s looking forward to it, the future of your date is looking very rosey.

His Google results are solid

Let’s not pretend that we don’t all Google and social media stalk the heck out of every new person we meet, especially potential lovers, k? It’s something every human with a Wi-Fi connection does. What were the results for your guy? One of my girlfriends was super excited about a guy she was set to meet that night until she Googled up his Twitter account and saw that he retweeted a bunch of really racist jokes a month before. She was so turned off that she cancelled the date and I don’t blame her. See what your date’s internet search results have to say about him.

He’s there before you

Before you get to the designated meeting spot, you should already have a text from him saying that he’s there and waiting for you. That’s the sign of a true gentleman—someone who gets there early, scopes out the situation and nabs a prime table or just barstools for the two of you. That means you’ll avoid the awkward “where should we sit?” back and forth and get straight into getting to know each other because he handled thing like a real man should.

He gives you the heart skips

Ok, this might technically be as soon as the date starts, but it’s before you two even say a word, so I’m counting it. As soon as you see him, you get a little heart flutter or rush of warmth at the sight of him. I’m not talking about love at first sight here. But, I am talking about an instant physical attraction. Looks certainly aren’t everything, but they aren’t nothing, either. If you have that spark at first glance, you’ve got a good chance for a good night.

Alright, single ladies! I hope that helps you out. Get out there, swipe right on some hotties and set up those dates. You never know which first date could be the winner!

Photo credit: pedrosimoes7 / CC BY