The Healthy Heart

4 Tricks to Get Your Couch Potato Active

Man sits on couch watching tv
In a perfect world, the people we are romantically interested in would share most of our interests, goals and passions. It’s easy to date someone when these things completely line up, but not at all realistic. Part of what makes dating so fun-and unpredictable-is that we often fall for people who are different from us, people who aren’t interested in the same things or don’t share a common lifestyle. It’s great to broaden your horizons but what happens when the person you’re dating  and really like doesn’t share your healthy lifestyle? If your idea of a fun Saturday includes a strenuous early morning hike and a green juice while your significant other prefers to sleep in and watch Netflix all day, it might seem like the relationship is doomed. However, with a little compromise, it is possible to find common ground.

Don’t Try To Fix Your Partner

Nobody wants to date a health troll. There is nothing wrong with an adult deciding they would rather have a lazy Sunday than an active one, and sometimes pizza is just the right decision. If you are trying to convince your boyfriend or girlfriend to go for a run with you, put a positive spin on it! Rather than berating them about getting some exercise, explain that you want to spend some time together outdoors and remind them how great they feel after a run. Remember that just because your lifestyles are a bit different, that one isn’t better than the other. Making your date feel bad about their choices isn’t attractive, and will only result in resentment.

Do It On Your Own Time

If you are fully committed to a healthy lifestyle, it doesn’t really matter if your partner is or not. Dating is hard, and sometimes you need to pick or choose your battles. If you want to go to spin class and he doesn’t, kiss him good-bye and tell him you’ll see him in an hour for dinner. Sure, it would be nice if he wanted to join you, but where is it written that you need to do everything together, all the time? When you take care of yourself first, you won’t have to worry about spending the day snuggling on the couch with your man. Instead of trying to force him to work-out with you, work-out around him!

Make It Fun

If your partner leans more towards couch potato territory than you’d like, don’t suggest going to the gym at 2pm on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Chances are it will be totally boring,  they’ll wish they had never left the house, and they definitely won’t agree to do it again. Instead, suggest an active date that doesn’t feel like punishment! Take your dogs for a run, walk to dinner instead of driving or suggest a date friendly fitness class. As far as diet is concerned, try cooking healthy meals together (don’t skip the wine, of course) or suggest trying a new restaurant that has healthier options. However, you’ve got to compromise! For every vegan-raw-juice bar your significant other goes to, you’ve got to go to a restaurant of his or her choice as well. It’s only fair…live a little.


At some point, you’re going to have to ask yourself if you are in the right relationship for you. If health and fitness is something you are intensely passionate about, it only makes sense that you would want to share it with your partner. No matter how much you care for them, or how much you connect on other levels, if living a healthy lifestyle is one of your non-negotiables, listen to yourself. This is where the hard decisions might come into play, but there is no point in continuing a relationship that doesn’t fulfill you on all levels. By staying true to yourself, you’ll meet a partner who understands your love for working up a sweat and you’ll be able to enjoy living a healthy lifestyle together.