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The Importance of Date Night

I love children. I think they’re amazing.

I love my girlfriend’s kids.

I enjoy the time I get to spend with them.

I enjoy being able to read my girlfriend’s little daughter books to sleep.

I don’t get to do that with my daughter because she doesn’t sleep over at my house.

If you’ve read and followed me for a long time, you know this has been a struggle that causes me a lot of pain and heartbreak.

It’s not something I would wish upon anyone, and it’s definitely not a healthy way to co-parent at all.

But enough about my life. I want to about yours for a second.

My girlfriend and I went out on a date the other night and it was so beautiful.

And every time we hang, every time we do things, I’m very much into hanging out with her kids. Because I miss my kid when I’m out with her, so I get fixed with other beautiful children, because there’s never enough love to give to children.

It was always my goal, when my ex and I split up, that one day there will be another person in my daughter’s life who can love her as freely and openly as I do.

And it’s the same way I am with my girlfriend’s children. I love them freely and openly and treat them exactly as I would treat my own. With love, empathy and compassion.

Because kids can never have enough love.

The saying is, “it takes a village.”

We all know that, so you’re just part of the village. Your job as a step-parent, step-boyfriend, whatever it might be, is just to love the child.

You’re not their Dad, you’re not their Mom, you’re just there to love them.

Give them another viewpoint of what life is all about. Give them another viewpoint of how to be a great, wonderful person.

Don’t buy them things and don’t try to win their love.

Just love them, and love their parent that you’re dating.

So for now I want to talk about the importance of date night.

My girlfriend and I went out on a date and it was so much fun. It was beautiful to sit, talk, look at her over a table, and just admire her beauty inside and out.

There are so many couples who don’t do date nights. They make it all about their kids, they make it all about their family, and I get that.

It’s fun when you have somebody in your life that you want to be around, and have a family with, but a lot of people use their families and their kids as escapes.

They don’t really want to be with the husband or wife, so they avoid date nights.

They avoid them because it’s easier than being alone with the person. It’s easier to avoid the alone time.

Because when you avoid the alone time, you are able to avoid that you don’t get along with the person. You can avoid the fact that your relationship sucks.

And you can avoid the fact that you’re no longer in love with each other.

I get it. I understand that.

But date nights are so important.

Once a week, do something alone together. Whether it’s sitting in the back yard for a couple hours and just talking, you need to connect as a couple.

Because when you connect, you speak, you talk, you admire each other, your sex life comes back, and your love life comes back.

Before the children came you and them, so it’s time to bring you and him or you and her back to life again. Because if not, the kids are just seeing that you’re together for the sake of them alone.

And guess what? They read through all that, because they’re not stupid at all.

I know couples that never have date nights at all.

I know men and women that don’t even put their foot down for a date night. They just accept whatever’s coming at them.

Just scraps of love they’re getting.

You can’t accept scraps of love if you eventually want to have a loving, amazing relationship.