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The Secret To Being A Better Flirt

The key to flirting is to have an inquisitive mind. Having an inquisitive mind is having a flirtatious mind.

Flirting is really all about curiosity.

It’s amazing that how many people don’t know how to flirt, or choose not to.

When I’m on Bumble (which by the way is fun), or any other dating app, or any other way to meet, it’s amazing how many people don’t ask questions at all.

I’m total stranger and you are, supposedly, flirting. And yet, all a lot of women doing are send a painfully boring hello.

Or they send an absolutely terrible emoticon.

For those of you who don’t know my positions on emoticons, I find them to be a caveman communication style.

If you ever look at the walls of caves, they were painted and drawn with the first kinds of emoticon that ever hit our culture, and yet billions and millions of years later, we’re using them on our phone thinking we’re clever and modern.

I have an interesting profile up on Bumble. I talk about love at first text.

I talk about modern romance.

I talk about men and women meeting. Endless text conversations that go no where, not for me. I give so much information on my profile.

My pictures are all very diverse. My leading picture is when I was speaking at the Hollywood Improv.

And yet, so many women will just say “hello.” What am I supposed to bow down, and think to myself, I’m a man, and a woman said hi to me, and wow, I should just responds because she said hi?

So, I always give a woman a chance if I’m attracted to her. And I’ll go to her profile on being inquisitive and flirtatious, and ask her a question about something I’m reading on her profile. Then she’ll come back and answer me without asking anything back. So, I’ll try again. And she’ll answer something else. I’ve had women where this has gone on for 20 texts without asking one question at all.

Why did I do that? Well, to prove a point.

And to help give the rest of you advice.

An inquisitive mind is a flirtatious mind.

Remember that. Ask questions, be inquisitive.

Why? Think about it. This person can be your potential boyfriend. Don’t you want to know something about them?

Especially if they are inquisitive and flirtatious, and they’re asking you questions, and they’re trying to figure you out, and try to get to know you, and you’re just giving them answers? Great. It also shows what type of communicator you are.

If I meet somebody, and I’ve done this, too, as well. I’ve met somebody who wasn’t very inquisitive. And then when I sat there in person with them, they were equally not as inquisitive.

Flirting is the only way you’re going to get to know somebody. Being inquisitive and curious about somebody is the only way you are going to start any type of relationship.

It’s powerful to be able to do that. I love finding out about new people. I’m full of questions. I love asking questions. And I like commenting on things they’ve done. And I want to learn more about them. Because to me flirting is what most people are not good at.

Flirting is something that is so amazing to be able to do on a regular basis.

Love doesn’t start unless you know how to flirt, especially if you want a really great man. Because great men really love to flirt, and play, and have fun, and they appreciate women, and they appreciate the differences between men and women.

So, love starts with a flirt.

Be inquisitive.

Be curious.

Ask questions.

Comment and bond, and remember, before all our modern technology of caveman emoticons, texting. app dating, you had to go out and flirt to meet somebody. And if you think about it, the first step to love is learning how to flirt.