3 Things you can learn about yourself from getting dumped

Getting dumped is never a good feeling. In fact, dumpage often leads to some of the worst feelings a human heart can experience. But, that doesn’t mean getting dumped is necessarily all bad. Just because it feels terrible doesn’t mean that nothing good can come from it. You can learn some pretty valuable lessons about yourself from getting dumped. Here are a few of them.

Your communication

A break up really puts all of your relationship skills to the test. And the most important relationship skill of all is…say it with me, now…communication. If you are a good communicator while you’re in the process of getting dumped, you need to write a how to book! That’s seriously amazing. I’ve always been too emotional during a break up to properly communicate my feelings. What I think is a more realistic gauge of your communication skills is how you communicate after the initial dumping blow. Can you communicate how you feel to your ex? Can you communicate what kind of support you need to your friends? Are you able to communicate to yourself how to best process this scenario? If you’re doing a good job at those things, good on you! If not, that means your communication skills may need some brushing up before you dive into your next relationship.

Your perception

Did this break up come completely out of the blue? If so, there’s a lot you can learn from that. The biggest thing to take away is that your perception needs a little help. You may be too wrapped up in yourself to appreciate how someone else is feeling or what they need. Break ups don’t often come out of nowhere. And I’m of course not saying that getting dumped is your fault. Break ups happen for a million reasons! But, not having a clue that someone is unhappy dating you is an important thing to note and address about yourself.

Your faith

A good old fashioned dumping can test your faith in yourself and your path to love in a big way. It’s easy to feel discouraged or like it will never happen for you. How quickly you get back to believing in yourself and your happiness is a true test of your faith. I know it can be hard to believe, especially after a break up, but there’s a lid to every pot. You just keep to keep the faith and find yours!

I know that it’s tough to see in the moment, but a break up is actually a really great opportunity to learn about yourself, grow and make yourself more ready for meeting the perfect person!