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5 Crucial things to do if your boyfriend broke up with you

Oh, sweetie. I’m sorry! If you’re reading this, that means you’re going through a break up and that sucks. I’m not going to sugar coat it. Of course there are other fish in the sea and he’s a moron for not realizing how special you are. But, it’s OK to simply dwell on the overall crappiness of your current situation. I’ve been there, I feel you and I don’t envy you. I can help you, though! Here are five things you need to do if your boyfriend broke up with you. Read more

3 Things you can learn about yourself from getting dumped

Getting dumped is never a good feeling. In fact, dumpage often leads to some of the worst feelings a human heart can experience. But, that doesn’t mean getting dumped is necessarily all bad. Just because it feels terrible doesn’t mean that nothing good can come from it. You can learn some pretty valuable lessons about yourself from getting dumped. Here are a few of them. Read more