The Top 5 Things Women Can’t Stand About Men


WeLoveDates recently released a survey revealing what twenty five women find unattractive about men. Among all of the answers were some commonalities, things that women across the board and across the world, can’t stand about men. Guys, are you guilty of any of these top 5 things women find unattractive in the opposite sex?

1. Arrogance

Just about every single woman surveyed agreed on one main thing. Confidence is sexy, arrogance is a massive turnoff, and there is a fine line between the two. There is nothing attractive about a guy who thinks he is God’s gift to women, no matter how good looking, charming or wealthy he might be. When a woman realizes that you’ve got an ego larger than anything else you’ve got to offer, she’ll run for the hills!

2. Poor Hygiene

It is depressing that we even have to mention this, but time and time again one of the most common complaints women have about men is that they are, well…not the cleanest? To put it nicely. Lazy grooming habits (or lack thereof), bad breath and an attitude of overall nonchalance and disregard when it comes to his appearance tell a woman all she needs to know. If he can’t be bothered to pay attention to his basic hygiene, how much effort and time could he possibly devote to dating or a relationship?

3. Cheap

There is nothing wrong with sticking to a budget, but if a guy is more concerned about saving a buck than he is about his woman having a great night, she’s going to get annoyed eventually. This is not to say that the only way to express love is by showering her with gifts and expensive dinners and trips, not at all. However, when her every request is met with a question of cost, or an eye roll or joke about how much you’ll be spending, a woman might start to wonder if she’s worth anything to you at all. If you are low on funds, there are plenty of affordable and creative ways to romance her, as most women will agree that it’s not about the money you spend, again–it’s all about the effort!

4. Lack of Confidence

I know, we just told you not to be arrogant, but confidence is KEY! Confidence is more than just walking into a room like you own it, it’s a humble attitude towards any situation that life might throw at you–you know you can handle it. You know who you are, and even more importantly, you like yourself. A confident guy doesn’t shy away from having the hard conversations with his partner, doesn’t run away when things get complicated and if he’s single, he isn’t too shy to say hi to the beautiful girl across the room.

5. Bad Shoes

Yep, we’re looking and yep, it matters. Think head to toe, gentleman…there is no point in dressing on point if you’re just going to ruin it all with a stinky pair of Nike’s from ’06. Trust me, a clean pair of Converse can go a long, long way.