Will Your Summer Fling Make it to the Fall?



So you’ve met someone at a summer BBQ, or on a girl’s trip to the beach, or somewhere equally as summer-esque, and things went well. You’re hoping that this summer fling of yours will last well into September, into the romantic season of changing leaves, fantasy football (heh) and chilly temps perfect for cuddling…but will it? Here is how to determine if your summer fling will make it to the fall-and beyond.

It’s More Than Just Sex

Summer flings go hand in hand with steamy, sweaty sexy-time, and while there is definitely wrong with that, if you want to build a lasting relationship you’re going to need more in-common than just physicality. Do you enjoy spending time together outside of the bedroom? Can you hang-out together without an expectation of sex? Eventually, the proverbial summer heat will fade away, even just a little bit, and you’ve got to be just as content sharing stories over a Pumpkin Spice Latte than you are getting down and dirty. Hey, the best relationships do both, and do them well.

You’ve Weathered a Storm Together

Things seem so easy in the summer, right? The weather is gorgeous, there are always excuses to take days of work, and everyone seems to adopt an easy breezy outlook on life, and dating. However, no matter the season, life is not always sunshine and butterflies. A good indication that your relationship will make it to the next season is if you’ve been able to work through a difficult hurdle together. It doesn’t need to be anything catastrophic, just a reality check that hey, life isn’t always a music festival/holiday/vacation around the world. Whether it be career related, or issues with friends or family, knowing that you can count on your partner not only to have a blast with, but to also support you through rough times should give you confidence that there isn’t an end date in sight.

You’ve Talked About It

Now I’m not suggesting that you text your boyfriend and beg him to reassure you that he isn’t going to break-up with you come summer’s end, but lasting and healthy relationships all have one thing in common: communication! Instead of wondering if you’re just a fling, open up some dialogue about it. Whether you are currently in a relationship with someone you met on a vacation, or just started dating in the laid-back summer months, there is absolutely nothing wrong with saying “Hey, I like you and where this is going, how do you feel?” If they freak out at the mere thought of a simple conversation about your status, you’re probably better off just letting them go anyway. No time for that!

You Have Had At Least One Fight

Arguing isn’t always a bad thing. Healthy fighting can promote necessary dialogue and hopefully, you’ll come out the other side a stronger, more united couple. Of course, the emphasis here is on “healthy”, so no name-calling, low blows or dirty fighting. If you and your partner have had your first fight, and didn’t break-up in the process, it is a good sign that you’re both willing to compromise and invest time and energy into your relationship, much more than you would with someone you consider just a summer fling!