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Masters of the Illusion

Masters of illusion and marketing

Masters of illusion and marketing

Sometimes I think, when I’m on an online dating site, that women are either: A – masters of illusion, or B – understand marketing really well.

As I peruse through the pictures, I think the majority of women over the age of 40 are masters of taking angle picture shots.

I see pictures from above, I see pictures from the side, I see pictures from a 90 degree angle. Every single picture I see of a woman over the age of 40 is from an angle. It is never face on. If it is face on, it’s always from a distance.

Or it’s got sunglasses covering up her eyes.

I think to myself, “these women are either brilliant marketers or masters of illusion.”

You know that as we age we look better in photos using certain illusions.

You feel like when you show up on a date, you’ll be able to sell yourself to the man sitting opposite you.

It amazes me. I see it non-stop online. I imagine that if I go to meet them, maybe I should sit in the balcony, and they should sit down below.

Women are also great at taking sexy shots laying in a bed, having a camera from above. Are these women kinky, or do they just always have a camera that is floating about their bed?

The illusion. Why are we in a world now, where we feel the need to always create an illusion?

Why do we feel so strongly about having a representative show up instead of ourselves?

What are we so afraid of?

When we go out on a date, usually a date that is arranged online, nobody is ever the age that they say they are. Nobody ever looks like their pictures.

I shouldn’t say nobody, that is exaggerating. So many people out there with online profiles create an illusion.

How many times do I read a paragraph on Bumble, and the woman says, “I’m not really that age, I’m older, I just don’t know how to change this.”

You do know how to change it? It’s very simple to change an age. You choose not to change it because you’re creating an illusion.

You want to show up in the searches, and you want to make sure the illusion gets a lot of hits.

What are we all so afraid of?

Why are we so afraid to state our age?

Why are we so afraid to state our body type?

Why are we taking pictures at angles?

Why are we constantly in fear of who we really are?

Why do we go out on dates?

Why do we show up on dates and allow the representative to show up and not us.

The representative always shows up.

The person who has great behavior. The person who always tells stories that are positive. The person who is so afraid to share what they really want in a relationship.

Why are we so afraid?

Why are we so afraid to be ourselves? When did someone tell us that if we are ourselves, with honest pictures and honest age, that somebody is not going to want us.

How did this start? How did this whole illusion business start?

I am who I am and can’t be anybody else. Just a man looking to meet somebody great. A man with flaws, a man with stories, a man with life, a man with age.

It’s time we allowed ourselves to show up, because I’m tired of seeing the representative.