How To Let Go And Enjoy Life

The video you’re about to watch is amazing. It’s footage of an 85-year old lady dancing her butt off. She proves it’s never too late to start living. I want you to take notice of this video, and think very carefully about your own life. I get so many emails every day from people telling me they’re not satisfied with their life. Read more

Are We The Opposite of Hopeless Romantics?

Raise your hand if you've ever been majorly screwed over, treated like dirt, cheated on, mind F**ed by a guy, or all the above! Our bet is that every girl in the world would raise their hand with the exception of the girls who remain with their high school sweethearts for life. Regardless, we all know (guys and girls alike!) what its like to feel betrayed and hurt by someone you gave your heart to. We are no strangers to this. At 26 years old and having been single yet actively "dating" through most of our young adulthood, we are familiar with the hurt feelings, the unanswered calls, and feeling inadequate. Read more

The Clampitt Theory of Life, Love, and Happiness

In times of struggle, everyone looks for methods of coping and strategies for survival. Over time I have paid close attention to the tools that aided me in reaching a place of contentment, love, and happiness. Below are the five that I find to be crucial factors in attaining serenity and peace from within. I strongly believe that they will help you just as much as they have helped me. Here we go! Read more

How to Make the Most of Summer Dating Opportunities

With the arrival of nicer weather comes increased opportunity to meet new people and expand your social circle. Hopefully you have used my summer beauty and fashion tips into practice, and we can now dive into where you should go to make your summer romance happen. Read more

The Most Toxic Relationship Behavior

Do you have interactions between you and your partner where you feel your partner is mean and even downright cruel, or vice versa? Do you feel like your partner is disgusted by you, or maybe you’re disgusted by your partner? If so, you’re in dangerous relationship territory. Read more

10 Online Dating Cliches You Should Stop Using Immediately

If you've ever been a member of an online dating site, you know how hard it is to create a profile that accurately describes yourself and what you're looking for in a partner. That's why many people resort to using the same old one liners in their profiles-they're easy and since they've been used so many times, they must work-right? Wrong! Here are ten of the most common online dating cliches and why you should avoid them. Read more