Exclusive Interview with Alex & Sierra


It’s usually around this time of year, when it really starts to set in that fall, has indeed arrived.

Gone are the usual flirts with warm weather. My light sweaters are graced with scarves and jackets and all of my favorite musicians seem to be releasing their albums just in time for the holidays.

But before I start downloading new holiday music on ITunes or even humming some old favorites, I begin on my usual binge of sorting through all the new music and finding the gems that speak directly to my romantic bone.

This year, I struck romance gold with the debut album from Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton, the duo affectionately known as Alex & Sierra.

Last December, Alex and Sierra were crowned the winners of the FOX singing competition, the X-Factor. Since then, fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of their first album. Their mentor, music genius, Simon Cowell vowed to make their album “quick and right!”

Then, this past October the duo released “It’s About Us” and gave fans and music lovers a deeper insight into the artists they really are.

For their debut album, the group worked with many talented writers and producers including Jason Mraz, Harry Styles of One Direction and Grammy winning singer and songwriter John Legend.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with the duo (and real life couple) to ask a few questions about the new album, their music and of course relationships!


David:  So… How does it feel to finally put this record out into the world?

A &S: It’s amazing and terrifying and gratifying and exciting and pretty much every  other emotion you can imagine. It’s such a new chapter in our book and we’re still kind of taking everything in, but it’s so thrilling to think that there are people out there that want to hear what we have to say in our songs. We are just so happy to share something with anyone that wants to listen!

David: What can our listeners expect to hear on this album? (Sound, Inspiration, etc.)

A & S: We really tried to diversify the album as much as we could because we love and are inspired by so many different genres of music. We couldn’t pick just one. So there’s a little country, a little pop, a little jazz, some upbeat songs, some sad depressing songs and everything in-between. We really just wanted to write a bunch of songs completely independently of one another and then find a way to make our favorite 13 fit together on one cohesive album!

David: We can’t help but get excited about the love songs that are threaded throughout the album. Did you draw from your own personal relationship history for inspiration?

A&S: We definitely drew from our own experiences on a lot of these songs. That was some of the most fun we had writing was delving into our own emotions and thoughts and trying to decipher them enough to turn them into a song that other people can relate to. We’ve been through a lot together and really hope that maybe some of our songs will speak to people in situations that are similar to what we wrote about.



David: Which is each of your favorite song and why?

A&S: We both gravitate toward “All For You”. It’s the first song we ever actually wrote together, so it’s got a lot of meaning to us for that reason. It happened extremely naturally… we actually weren’t even supposed to write together that day but Sierra walked into the room Alex was in and just started going for it. The entire end of the song (the loud buildup) was actually a freestyle sort of thing. The words weren’t written but Sierra started singing over the music and we pressed record. Another thing that’s cool about this track is that the version on the album has the same vocals that were recorded the night we wrote it. As a song though it’s probably our favorite style on the album. We really liked getting into that jazzy mindset when we were recording… and it’s a BLAST to play live with the band.

David: How is it being on the road together performing and traveling? 

A&S: So far our favorite thing we’ve gotten to experience is touring. Being on a bus with some of our best friends (the band/crew) and playing music for new ears night after night and traveling new places at the same time?… C’mon, it doesn’t get much more perfect than that does it? We don’t think it does at least.

David: How do you guys find time to have date nights in-between your crazy schedule? 

A&S: We really don’t make specific plans for date nights and stuff, they just happen organically. If we’re in a really magical city with some awesome places we’ll saunter around town and buy each other little gifts at the shops, or we’ll find a cool restaurant randomly and get dressed up and go out for the night. It really isn’t as hard as one might think to sprinkle dates and one-on-one time in amongst the craziness.


David: Any recommendations to other couples leading busy lives. Give them some advice.

A&S: Just remember that at the end of the day you’re in this together with the people that you love… you’re on the same team, and you have to fight for each other. Also make sure that when an opportunity arises that you can just BE together, you have to take it. It’s important to make sure that you share the stress of the failures and the glory of the accomplishments with each other.

David: LAST fun question… Of all the Famous “pairs or duo’s” in the world. Who would you guys be? (ie Peanut Butter & Jelly, Lois & Clark, Fork & Spoon) 

A&S:OH MAN! this IS a fun question!!!! hmm….

Maybe chocolate and peanut butter…. because reeses are the best candy in the history of time, and also because Sierra’s so sweet and Alex is kinda salty.