Matchmaking 101 - Office Hours with Lisa Clampitt

The Inside Scoop on Gay Matchmaking


Matchmaking in the gay community is hotter than ever before. There has been a huge increase in interest in the last few years, and it’s really coming to major popularity in the US, Canada, and Europe. Now there are a lot of matchmakers who work exclusively in this market, and are too busy to take on any other types of clientele.

I began my gay division in 2002, and it has been so exciting to watch the niche grow. Matchmakers are realizing how important they are as a resource for gay clients, especially male gay clients, who often tell me they feel they are the only gay man in town looking for long-term relationships. When men come to my office asking if they are the only one who is relationship-oriented, I am happy to tell them that of course they aren’t! They just need a little help finding others who have the same mindset and goals for the future.

There are so many relationship oriented gay men who want to meet like-minded individuals, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to find them, even if it means relocating. Big cities, such as New York City, often have the problem of being very looks and youth oriented. There is also a huge “hook-up” culture to contend with. Men who are either older, or just not into that scene, are not sure where to go. This is where I come in as their matchmaker!

How does this division of my company work? Here is the scoop: If a man wants a proactive search on their behalf for their perfect match, I take them on as a client and they become a paying member. If a guy simply wants to be in my database and considered as a match for paying members, they come in to meet with my team and we add them to the database after an interview process.

As a free member you could be set up that day, that month, or not at all. It depends on the clients we currently have and who matches up well. The other interesting thing that can happen in the gay matchmaking division is that paying members can be cross-matched! It is all about finding the right fit, so if I think that two clients are perfect for each other, then of course I will match them up! I have to confess… I have been known to match up to non-paying members as well. I am kind of a sucker for love!

I’ll leave you with this advice…

Guys- keep in mind when choosing a matchmaker to work with that you want to find someone who is doing it because they love matchmaking and are dedicated to you and your search for love. I unfortunately have spoken to a few matchmaking companies that have wanted to go into the gay matchmaking market because they saw it as an opportunity to make more money but didn’t know the first thing about it. So do your research! If you are venturing into gay matchmaking, or are planning to hire a matchmaker that works with the gay community, make sure you feel comfortable with all aspects of this important niche before moving forward.

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