How to dress professionally and still be sexy

Even though I’m in the business of love, I think it’s important to dress like a powerhouse. I love my business, and I want to represent it well — I want to be taken seriously in my workplace, but I also want to show my personality because god knows I have a lot of it! I totally believe you can change your mood by dressing for the best, and I’ve found a nice balance of clothes that portray me as a successful entrepreneur and still give me the sexy edge a working woman deserves.

Here’s some of my fave brands that get the job done:

Patti Stanger on the set of Millionaire Matchmaker season 6

What I'm wearing on set! Left: Rachel Zoe, Middle: Alice and Olivia, Right: Smythe Les Vestes

I love how my BravoTV sister Rachel Zoe took a workplace classic like a blazer (pictured left) and sexed it up with satin trim and a super tailored look. And hello… ladies, this is a purple suit! There’s nothing like mixing life up with a little color. You’re gonna turn heads in this thing. The blazer definitely shows off your waist and curves, which will look amazing on any body type . The girl knows how to cut a suit! This is so versatile. If you’re having a meeting with traditional clients, pair it with a collared shirt. If it’s a more relaxed day, put on a low scoop-neck and your sex factor will be through the roof. XOXO to Zoe for this one.

Patti Stanger wearing the Kardashian Kollection on Millionaire Matchmaker
Everyone loves the Kardashians, right?

I rocked their red jumpsuit from the Kardashian Kollection at Sears while filming for season six. Can’t you tell how fierce and fab I felt in it? What I love about this is how simple it is to make a statement. Really, it’s just putting on one article of clothing and suddenly I’m a total fashionista. You can see that I put on a little cami under the jumpsuit to keep it professional. If I were on a date with David, I might sex it up and go with a little more cleavage. Totally heart the versatility.

Sexy Alice + Olivia dress for working women
A high-neck gray dress. Sounds like a snooze, right? But check out this piece from Alice + Olivia. It’s formfitting, which I love. And the peplum frill detail here is super feminine. The best part about a peplum cut is that it hides that lower belly area that’s the toughest to tackle. So you’ll totally feel confident, and confidence is key to sexiness (and success!)

Sexy wrap dress

Lastly (not least) a wrap dress is the ultimate piece for comfort at the workplace, and it totally flatters a woman with curves. This one from the Gap is super cute and you really can’t beat it at this price. I love that it comes in power colors like hot pink and electric blue. Bright colors will totally make you feel special and feminine in the office, even if your day is a little blah. I love when something so simple can be just the right amount of sexy — we ladies need to keep the sexy in our lives!