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Designer coats any woman would love this winter

Winter is just around the corner. I’m lucky enough to live in California and not have to brave the ice and snow on the regular. But, my work does take to me to New York and the East Coast quite a bit, so I get my fair share of the freezings. The only thing that can really get me excited for bitterly cold temperatures is a fabulous new coat. So, I thought I’d round up a few of my favorite coats for you all. These would make great “just because” gifts…for yourself or a very special woman in your life. Read more

The best red dresses ever!

Simple red dress
Every woman needs a red dress in her closet. Honestly, maybe two. Red is bold, daring and super sexy. Putting on a red dress is empowering. It screams out, “Hey there, world! Look at me. I’m on fire today!” Whenever I’m having a blah day, I put on a red dress and it instantly picks me up. So without further ado, here are four red dresses that I absolutely love. Honestly, I could have done a 400-red-dress round up, but I think these capture just about every occasion you’d need a red dress for. Read more

Shaping up your outfit for an active date outdoors

Shapewear by Jill Zarin
If you have a sporty activity planned for your date, there are a lot of more flattering options available now then when I was dating Bobby! Just make sure that none of these options includes writing across your tush. Even if you have an amazing one, no one needs to know how “Juicy” it is. And we’re all familiar with the stone-washed, loose fitting, tapered, high-waisted denim nightmare that’s sole purpose is to give anyone who wears them the dreaded “mommy butt”. Just don’t do it. Read more

How to dress professionally and still be sexy

Sexy wrap dress
Even though I'm in the business of love, I think it's important to dress like a powerhouse. I love my business, and I want to represent it well -- I want to be taken seriously in my workplace, but I also want to show my personality because god knows I have a lot of it! I totally believe you can change your mood by dressing for the best, and I’ve found a nice balance of clothes that portray me as a successful entrepreneur and still give me the sexy edge a working woman deserves. Here's some of my fave brands that get the job done: Read more