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The 10 Commandments of Blonde

While every shade of hair color requires some care and maintenance, none is more finicky than blonde. Here are my ten “musts” to insure you really will have more “fun” and less fuss! Read more

Lashing out: Favorite falsies for every occasion

Sometimes the only thing that will complete a look fit for a night out is lashes – big, bold, and dramatic. When mascara just can't cut it, false lashes are a great beauty tool to reach for. With lashes for every look and occasion, the key is finding the right fit and style for you. As a picky lash wearer myself, I'm very finicky about the comfort of the lash band – it has to be thin, flexible, and lightweight to make all-night wear achievable. Here are 4 of my favorite comfy, yet chiclashes to keep your eye area well-dressed for any affair!  Read more

Enjoy Life More with…Botox?

Interesting new research from The Georgetown University Medical Center confirms what researchers Cardiff University in The UK and at The University of Basel had previously described as an interesting side effect of receiving injections of neuromodulator (like Botox, Dysport, or Xeomin) - namely a significant and measurable improvement in patient’s symptoms of depression. Patients with a diagnosis of major depression were randomly assigned to receive either Botox or placebo injections (saline solution), with monitoring and self-reporting of their symptoms of depression. Six weeks after the treatments, an impressive 52% of the patients who received Botox were found to have significant improvement in their symptoms and moods, with only 15 percent of the saline solution group showing improvement (this number is consistent with the placebo effect). Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Ask Him Out

Woman contemplates asking him out
As a young teen, I used to love reading my tween magazines to get my fill of celebrity gossip, beauty tips and love advice. Having yet to experience a real relationship, I relied heavily on these magazines to give me the inside scoop on how to win over my crush (I feel like most of the advice in these magazines was directly related to the act of getting your crush to notice you, flirt with you and inevitably fall in love with you). The problem, however, was that all of the advice was more or less the same: Ask your crush out. Read more

Creating the perfect eyebrow

the three points to create a perfect brow
If you are like me and weren’t blessed with Kim Kardashian’s luscious brows, or grew up in the 90’s where over tweasing your eyebrows was cool,  have no fear I’m here to show you how to fake a good brow.  Read more

4 Easy Steps to the Perfect Winged Eyeliner

I frequently get asked how I get my eyeliner so straight. My answer is always this: practice makes perfect. But today you are in for a treat as I am going to give you the low down on the tricks to getting that perfect winged eyeliner. First off pick a form of eyeliner that is easiest for you and that gives you the finish you are looking for i.e liquid for a stark, defined line, pencil for a smudged or not so defined line, gel if you are better with using a brush to apply liner and gel liners usually dry to more of a matte finish than liquid or pencil. Read more
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