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Creating the perfect eyebrow

If you are like me and weren’t blessed with Kim Kardashian’s luscious brows, or grew up in the 90’s where over tweasing your eyebrows was cool,  have no fear I’m here to show you how to fake a good brow. 

There are 3 points of reference when creating the perfect eyebrow.

  1. The start of your eyebrow should align with the edge of your nose and the start of the inner corner of your eye.
  2. The arch of your eyebrow should align with the outer corner of your iris.
  3. Where your eyebrow should end is inline with the outer corner of your eye.

the three points to create a perfect brow

Two things to take note of are: create short hair-like strokes instead of a continues line, this makes for a more natural feel. Second, always rest your hand on your face so that the weight of your hand isn’t applied to the tip of your eyebrow pencil.

The last piece of advice I am going to leave you with is “Remember your eyebrows are sister eyebrows, not twins.”