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How to Cover a Hickey with Makeup

adriana_hickeyDid date night go so well that you are left with a party favor?

Have a 9 a.m. board meeting and need to cover up that love bite?

Have no fear, follow these easy steps on how to cover that dreaded hickey before your mom, boss or friends see it. Be sure to check at the video below!

  1. For long lasting results, apply a foundation primer over the hickey. Try Make Up Forever All Mat primer.
  2. Using a small brush or your finger, apply a yellow toned under eye or blemish concealer to the hickey. I suggest Mac’s Under Eye Concealer in the NW series.
  3. Stipple or pat your liquid or cream face foundation over the concealer with a sponge   and feather it out wards so that it is blended well into your neck
  4. This next step is optional but it will secure the makeup in place even more so than without it. Using a setting spray for make up, mist over hickey. Try De Slick by Urban Decay. It has oil controlling properties and it actually lowers the temperature of your make up so it does not move!
  5. Last but not least, with a setting or foundation powder, use a brush or a puff to apply the powder on top of the hickey to set it.

Now that you have successfully erased the reminiscence of last night escapades…don’t let it happen again.