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Elaina Badro Brush Review

Elaina Badro Brushes

Looking for good quality, affordable make up brushes? So was I when I stumbled upon the Elaina Badro Brush Collection. With the cost of the brushes ranging from $8-$34, Elaina Badro has made exceptional brushes attainable for us all.

The bristles on these brushes are soft to the touch and blend make up seamlessly. Not only do they perform well, the brushes have a sleek modern esthetic appeal with the handles possessing a black, matte finish. The brush collection has 16 different brushes than can be purchased individually or an “Essential Brush Kit” which consists of six essential brushes, which can be purchased at a substantial price break.

Elaina Badro Brush Collection

I personally have a couple of favorites that I could not live on a deserted island without. One being the Duo Fiber brush that you can use with cream products such as primer, foundation, or cream blush to powder products such as powder blush,bronzer or setting powders. Regardless of the product you use with this brush, the end result is the same: a flawless application. My second favorite brush is the Blending Eye Brush; the bristles are not too sparse nor too dense to deliver just the right amount of eyeshadow and then blend it out all in one motion so you don’t end up with harsh, visible lines. Last but not least is the Contour Brush; a girls secret to getting that Kim Kardashian cheekbone structure, well almost. This brush can contour the forehead, cheeks, jawline, chin, your cat—you name it.

Overall, I give the Elaina Badro Brush collection a 5/5 stars due to the quality, usability, esthetic appeal, and price point but don’t take my word for it, visit Elainabadro.com to get your hands on these babies.

Elaina Badro Brush Review