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4 Easy Steps to the Perfect Winged Eyeliner

I frequently get asked how I get my eyeliner so straight. My answer is always this: practice makes perfect. But today you are in for a treat as I am going to give you the low down on the tricks to getting that perfect winged eyeliner.

First off pick a form of eyeliner that is easiest for you and that gives you the finish you are looking for i.e liquid for a stark, defined line, pencil for a smudged or not so defined line, gel if you are better with using a brush to apply liner and gel liners usually dry to more of a matte finish than liquid or pencil.

My absolute favorite is Loracs’s Front of the Line Pro liquid liner pen  because it is extremely black, does not crack or flake, and it is a brush type applicator with bristles that do not get clogged by eyeshadow like felt tip liner pens do.


Follow these steps for the perfect winged eyeliner:

Note: It is best to do your makeup/eyeliner in front of a mirror that you do not have to hold as it is better to have both hands free.


Step 1:

Holding your liner brush, pencil, or pen start by resting your pinky finger on your face to keep your hand steady. Start at the outer corner of your eye drawing a slanted line up to the height of your crease.


Step 2.

Using your free hand, stretch your lid outward to make your lid smooth and   wrinkle free. Starting at the tip of the slanted line, draw a line at a slight decline moving inward. It is better to do your eyeliner in segments than to try to do it in one continuous line.


Step 3.

Continue the line however far in you would like. For close set eyes I would only bring in the line to where your eyelashes start. For normal to wide set eyes, bring the line all the way into the inner corner of the eye.

Step 4.

Last but not least, fill in the shape you have created all the way to the lash line.

If you did not master the art of making a perfect line this time, have no fear q tips are your best friend and remember, practice makes perfect!