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Stop Making Men Work So Hard!

Man sweats from working so hard for womenDo you remember the ’80s band Men at Work?

Here’s what most women do.  They give out their phone number to a guy that they’re interested in. Then they make him work like crazy just to go get a date. Stop the madness.

If you give a guy your phone number and he texts you, respond immediately. If he calls you, call him back. Allow him to set up a date. If you have plans to curl your hair or get waxed, changed them. If you’re hanging around with friends on the night he wants to take you out, cancel your friends. You can drink wine and talk about failed relationships with them another night.

How many nights do you need to bash men over dinner anyway?

Don’t you think you could skip one night of hanging out with your friends where really, you just talk about the lack of men in all of your lives anyway or the relationship issues that you’re having?  Make it easy on guys.  If you make it easy on guys, you keep the momentum going.  I find women make men work so hard to get that date, and it doesn’t work.  You think you’re being a challenge.

Guys don’t want a challenge.  They want it to be easy.  They want it to be simple.  They want ladies to be available. They want to take you out to see if you guys connect. That’s what it’s all about. You can be a challenge in so many other ways.  If a guy comes on a little too strong at the end of the first date, you can look at him and say, “whoa there buckaroo!”

Guys don’t want a challenge.  They want it to be easy.  They want it to be simple.  They want ladies to be available.

It’s fine to push him away a little here and show him he needs to wait for the prize. Make him earn that from you. But be open and available to letting him get to know you. If a man is taking the lead, let him do it. Women always complain men don’t take the lead when it comes to dating, so if you find a guy who will take the lead, take full advantage. Be responsive to his action.

Make it easier on men and I promise you’ll finally find the love you desire, the love you crave, and the love you deserve. You don’t have to make it so hard on men. It doesn’t help you weed out the players. It just puts off the guys who are genuinely interested in you.

So the next time a guy asks you out, you know what, just say yes. Get the ball rolling and see if you guys have any chemistry and connection. Isn’t it better to find out there and then, than waste weeks texting back and forth before you find out?

As for your friends, I’m sure they won’t mind missing one weekend of man bashing to hear about the wonderful new man in your life, and how he swept you off your feet!


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