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Lashing out: Favorite falsies for every occasion


Sometimes the only thing that will complete a look fit for a night out is lashes – big, bold, and dramatic. When mascara just can’t cut it, false lashes are a great beauty tool to reach for. With lashes for every look and occasion, the key is finding the right fit and style for you. As a picky lash wearer myself, I’m very finicky about the comfort of the lash band – it has to be thin, flexible, and lightweight to make all-night wear achievable. Here are 4 of my favorite comfy, yet chiclashes to keep your eye area well-dressed for any affair! 

Kiss Look So Natural Lashes in Sultry

With a nearly invisible band, and lashes that are individually tapered so they blend in with your natural lashes, the entire range of Look So Natural Lashes from Kiss are perfect for those wanting subtle lash effects. Sultry is a set of demi lashes (they don’t cover the entire lash line), and consist of shorter lashes with varies thickness – perfect if you’re after subtle volume. 

Kiss Look So Natural Lashes in Shy

To amp up the drama a little more, these offer up a full band of lashes with more length than those in Sultry. With these, you’ll get added fullness and length, but the tapered shape toward the inner and outer corner make them virtually undetectable. 

SocialEyes Lashes in Enchanting

For length that’s taken up yet another notch, these are fantastic. While they don’t have the overt look of a false lash, there’s definitely something about them that will make you look twice. 

SocialEyes Lashes in Vamp

These are the ultimate in false lash fabulousness, and definitely not for the faint of heart. The added thickness toward the outside of the lashes creates the illusion of a cat eye, while the varied lash length adds some wispy romance. 

With lashes that will do everything from subtly enhance your eyes to take them to next level femme fatale status, which pair will you wear on your next night out?