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6 Ways To Make Your Relationship Incredible

relationship-amazingNo matter what type of relationship you’re in, I truly believe that every relationship can be better. You could be neglecting certain parts of your relationship, or maybe you feel like some of the spark is gone. Regardless of where you are at in your relationship right now, here are six simple tips to make it that much better (and to help you make it outstanding)!

1. Stop Ignoring Things Around The House

It’s amazing how many times in a relationship you both ignore a laundry pile, dishes in the sink or other household chores that need to be done. So, here’s a quick tip: Do them! If you see dishes in the sink, wash them. If you see laundry in the hamper, throw in a load or two. Fold the clothes in the dryer and put them away.

Here’s another tip to make it really work: Don’t tell the other person that you did it! Give them time to acknowledge it, and don’t expect them to pat you on the back. The impact is far more powerful. She/he might not saying anything about it, but be sure they noticed!

2. Break The Routine

We are creatures of habit. Every day, we seem to do the same things. We wake up, we eat, we feed the kids, we go to work, we come home, we eat, and we go to sleep. Break the routine!

One night a week, do something different. Take a shower together. Go out to eat in the middle of the week. Light some candles and give each other a massage. Whatever you decide to do, make it spontaneous. Tell the other person you have a surprise for them, and then do something that sparks a fire in the relationship and break the routine.

3. Have A Parent’s Day Off

If your have children and your spouse is the one who always picks the kids up from their activities, then give them the day off. Tell them you’re giving them a day off, and make them an appointment at a spa. Tell them they are not allowed anywhere near the kids for the entire day. It will give them some much needed alone time to regenerate.

4. Give Up The Power Of The Remote Control!

This one is one is kind of funny, but if you’re the one who usually wields the remote control power, then try giving it up once in a while. I know this is something that you think couldn’t possibly make someone happy, but there is always one person who is the remote control hogger.

That person might constantly flip channels while their partner keeps secretly hoping they will stop on a program that you both actually like. So one night a week, allow the other person to do the channel flipping and to stop on the programs of their choice.

5. Lend Your Support

Support your partner in something about which they are very passionate. Do they have a hobby on which they’ve been putting off working? Do they have an interest in photography or cooking or learning to play a new sport?

Whatever it might be, encourage them to do it. Give them a day off from the relationship or the family so that they can pursue their hobby. A happy person is far better to live with than someone who is always wishing they were doing other things. So give them freedom to explore some of their passions.

6. Really Listen

Really listen to each other. In a relationship, a lot of what you say to each other is a repeat. In the beginning of a relationship, everything someone says are things you are hearing for the first time and it’s all new.

So when your partner comes home at night and shares the story of their day or a conversation they had with a friend, really listen and really be interested in them. Don’t just wait for the story to end. They may tell you something you want to know, and you don’t want to miss it. The more you listen to your partner, the better the relationship will be and the fewer fights you’ll have.

These may all sound very basic, and some of you might wonder how much of an effect they’d have on a relation. Let me tell you, two decades of relationship and dating coaching has taught me the little things make the difference. Don’t let your relationship slip when it’s so easy to make it incredible.