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Why Men Pull Away And How To Pull Them Back

So you're dating a guy. On paper things seem to be going fine. Everything is great. You're meeting, you're talking, you're hanging, you're enjoying his company. The attraction is building inside you. You're starting to like him. Alright, maybe you're getting a little nervous. Maybe you have one or two freak out moments. Read more

What to do if he likes you more than you like him

A chronically single girlfriend of mine told me than she’s breaking up with her new guy (whom we all love!) because he’s too into her. We all told her that she needed to pump the break up brakes and think about it a bit more. Was slot pulsa she really going to end it with a man because he appreciates her? That’s the only reason? Doesn’t seem a valid rational for a break up to me. She argued that she’s never had someone this into her and it’s uncomfortable. So, she’s just going to walk away. joker123 I told her that she had to think about a few things before dumping this sweet man and if you’re in a situation where your boo seems to be more into you than you are into him, these will be some good things for you to think about, too! Read more

What to do when he won’t forgive you

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all of my years of being a professional relationship and love expert, it’s that nothing is constant in the world of love. Relationships ebb and flow. People we love hurt us and we hurt them. It’s just what love is... a rollercoaster of emotion. It’s a crappy position to be in when you’re the one who did the hurting and are hoping for forgiveness. It’s a tough and vulnerable situation to be in. (Of course I’m not saying it’s worse than being the hurt party, but they both have their own very demanding emotional trajectories.) And when the forgiveness isn’t as forthcoming as you hoped it would be, it gets really tricky and icky feeling. Here’s what to do. Read more

Tips to bring feminism into your hetero relationship

I get all kinds of crap for how I run my business. Most of it rolls off my back. After all, haters gonna hate! The one thing that actually gets under my skin, though, is when people say I’m sexist or not a feminist. I’m a single woman who runs her own business. Of course I’m a feminist! Does my strategy for romance acknowledge certain gender-based relationship norms? Of course it does! But, only because they’re the norm. Meaning normally that’s what my clients want and expect Read more

How involved should you be in your man’s career?

One of my favorite single girlfriends just came back from a terrible first date. She had a whole list of very valid complaints, but a certain one stuck out to me. She said he talked about his job way too much. Now of course, this was just a first date and not a full blown relationship, but it got me thinking about how involved a woman should actually be in her man’s career. Read more

How to tell him his friend sucks

Being in a relationship with your boo means that you’re connected to his friend group. There are a lot of potential benefits there – new friends, great parties, exposure to interesting perspectives. There are also some potential negatives, like spending time with someone who sucks. If there’s someone in his friend group who truly sucks – and I mean truly sucks, not just someone you don’t like, but a bad dude – here’s exactly how to tell him. Read more
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