My Foolproof Way To Expose The Real Relationship

I have a rule, and when I follow it, it works out perfectly. I call it 30/60/91/20, and it’s my foolproof way to expose someone for who they truly are. Here’s how it works. The First 30 Days When you meet someone new, you're under the influence of love like there's no tomorrow. The person can literally murder somebody in front of you, and you won't even notice it. Read more

Why Going to Bed Angry Will Kill Your Relationship

Here's the end of a relationship for me: being with somebody who is okay with going to bed angry. It doesn't work for me at all. I'm a mediocre sleeper to begin with. So, if I'm dating somebody who's okay with going to bed angry, I don't want any part of that at all. You see, I'd rather get on the phone – not text – at 11:00 at night, because usually with a 15 or 20-minute phone call, everything will be alright (almost sounds like a song lyric, doesn't it?) Read more

3 Ways to know he’s Mr. Right based on his apartment

The early stages of a relationship are so exciting that sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s really going on. You can’t think straight when you have those new love butterflies buzzing around. And when you add in all of the mind-blowing honeymoon phase sex, your best judgment is a goner! So, if you’re wondering if you’re dating your true Mr. Right or just another Mr. Right Now, here are some clues on how to figure that out based on what his apartment is like. Read more

How to compromise in a mixed faith relationship

My friend just told me about a wedding she went to where a Hindi man married a Catholic woman. There was a Hindi ceremony one day, a Catholic ceremony the next and the following day, there was a non-denominational ceremony. It was a whole lot of ceremonies for one wedding. But, that’s what worked for this couple navigating a mixed-faith marriage. If you’re in a relationship with someone of another faith, there’s going to be a lot of compromise in your future. Here are my tips for how to go about it. Read more

When should you move in with him?

I was recently out to dinner and a fan stopped by my table (Yeah, this happens a lot!) on her way to the bathroom. She was on a date with her boyfriend and asked me if it was time for them to move in together. She told me that they’re 30 years old and have been dating for 18 months. She thought it was time, he thought it wasn’t. She wanted my expert opinion to break the tie. And you know what, I couldn’t tell her what to do because she hadn’t given me any of the relevant information I needed to make that call. Here’s what I told her actually mattered in determining if they should move in together. Read more

Is your family waving a relationship red flag you shouldn’t ignore?

One of my best friends just came to me with a crisis. She brought her new beau home and her sister didn't like him. Just flat out said "nope" to this new guy. Her sister said the newbie reminded her too much of my friend's horrible ex and that my friend is going to fall into the same dud dude trap again. Woof! That's tough to hear, right? My friend is really into this man and thinks he's nothing like her icky ex. But, she's freaking because she's not sure if she should listen to her sister. Read more