3 Ways to know he’s Mr. Right based on his apartment

The early stages of a relationship are so exciting that sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s really going on. You can’t think straight when you have those new love butterflies buzzing around. And when you add in all of the mind-blowing honeymoon phase sex, your best judgment is a goner! So, if you’re wondering if you’re dating your true Mr. Right or just another Mr. Right Now, here are some clues on how to figure that out based on what his apartment is like.

He makes space

Everyone’s home is a reflection of who they are on some level. And how a man welcomes you into his apartment can be an indication of how he’ll welcome you into his life. Pay attention to if he makes space for you in his apartment. And I don’t just mean clears off the bed so you two can have sex. I mean making space for you to feel comfortable in his home. Does he want you to leave things at his place that make sleeping over easier? Does he stock his kitchen the midnight snacks he knows you love? Does he do his best to make his place, no matter how small, feel like there’s space enough for you to feel at home there? If he does, he’s well on his way to being Mr. Right. If not, I’m thinking you could be dealing with a Mr. Right Now.

His home is a home

What does he use his place for most? Does he treat it like a traditional adult treats his home or does he run the place more like a frat house or party scene? If he has single friends coming in and out of his place and it feels like a non-stop rager, you’ve got a Mr. Right Now. A fun Mr. Right Now, for sure. But, he’s not someone who’s ready for a serious commitment. He’s married to his social life and your relationship is more like his mistress. On the other hand, if his home is a haven and calm enough so he can actually fall asleep there before 1am, you’re looking at someone worth investing in. Of course, he can still entertain at his house. You just don’t want more party nights than relaxing nights.

He cleans up

Is his place a total dump when you come over? Is his bed unmade and are all of his dishes in the sink? That’s not a great sign. Even if your guy is messy by nature, a dude worth keeping will clean up a bit when he knows you’re coming over. It’s simply a sign of respect, especially cleaning the bed you’re going to sleep in. If his place is tidy when you’re scheduled to come over, or at least tidier than you know he typically keeps it, you’re getting the respect you deserve. A good sign that he’s a keeper.

Hopefully you’ll go through this list and find out that your man is a Mr. Right. But, if not, there are tons of men and tons of apartments out there. Just get back to looking!