What to do if he likes you more than you like him

he likes you moreA chronically single girlfriend of mine told me than she’s breaking up with her new guy (whom we all love!) because he’s too into her. We all told her that she needed to pump the break up brakes and think about it a bit more. Was slot pulsa she really going to end it with a man because he appreciates her?

That’s the only reason? Doesn’t seem a valid rational for a break up to me. She argued that she’s never had someone this into her and it’s uncomfortable. So, she’s just going to walk away. joker123 I told her that she had to think about a few things before dumping this sweet man and if you’re in a situation where your boo seems to be more into you than you are into him, these will be some good things for you to think about, too!

Assess it

What’s the problem here? Why are you bugging about a guy being into you? Is it because you’re used to games and men who are unavailable? That stuff is actually really unhealthy, but we deal with it so regularly that it can become the slot88 norm. Just because you’re used to men who treat you poorly doesn’t mean that’s what you should be looking for. So, don’t run away from something because it’s new and uncomfortable. All of your past relationships haven’t worked, right? Might as well try something new.

Find ways to fall more

Instead of spending your energy spaceman slot bugging over his emotions, focus your efforts on finding things about him that are fantastic. Every time your brain goes into unnecessary freak out mode, force yourself to think about something amazing about this guy. And it can be something small! His smile, his pecs, his sense of humor. If you train your brain away from freaking and toward falling, your feelings will start to grow for this man.

Enjoy it

Let’s be honest, relationships are never 100% equal. There’s always going to be one person who’s more into the other person. It sounds like you’re used to slot filipina being the more swoony one. Well, here’s your chance to be swooned over. Why not sit back and enjoy it instead of panicking? The pendulum on these things swings back and forth. So, revel in this while you can! You never know when you two may switch roles and you’ll be the liker and he’ll be the likee.

When I went through these points with my friend, slot bet 200 she decided to stay with her man for a bit more and see where it takes her. I’m thrilled for her and I hope the same thing happens with you!

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