The Balancing Act: Dating Advice for Single Parents

5 Signs You’re In The Right Relationship This Time


If you’re dating with children, chances are you’re anxious about choosing the right kind of partner.  We all want our children to see us in a healthy relationship with someone who treats us right.

But even if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in what seems like a great relationship, you still may be second-guessing it.

Don’t worry – there’s hope for you to turn that nagging fear into confidence! Trust me, I’ve been there. Luckily after dating many wrong men, I finally found myself with the right one.

Wondering if you have too? Here are five signs you’re in the right relationship this time.

1. You can act like a crazy person without being called crazy.

You’re stressed because you’re juggling a million things at work, have raging cramps from your period, and you’re also on a juice cleanse.  During an epic emotional meltdown, you decide to send a string of texts to your significant other venting and asking for moral support. Instead of ignoring your emotional ass, he sends back a message telling you everything is going to be fine and even makes you smile. If your man can do that with a straight face, breathe a sigh of relief because he’s a keeper.

2. Your family and friends give your partner two thumbs up.

Who knows you better than your friends and family? No one, probably. They were by your side through that messy divorce so they already know what the WRONG kind of partner for you looks like. If they’ve met your boyfriend and love him as much as you do, you’re in the right kind of relationship.

3. You can express negative feelings without being made to feel guilty about them.

Your partner does something to upset you and instead of shutting down and bottling up your anger for a rainy day, you’re able to openly communicate how you feel without them throwing a temper tantrum, breaking up with you, or giving you the silent treatment. If your guy is mature enough to listen to how you feel without dismissing you, you’ve hit the jackpot.

4. He can admit when he’s wrong and even say I’m sorry.

Your partner messes up and you call him out on it.Instead of screaming at you and getting defensive, he admits that he was wrong and apologizes immediately.  I know, I know – I thought that shit only happened in the movies until my current boyfriend did it. Like my wise mother told me, “A guy who says sorry and he was wrong is worth something.” If your man has no problem admitting when he’s wrong, thank his mother because she raised the man you’re in a healthy relationship with.

5. You know your partner isn’t going anywhere.

Maybe they’ve said the words or maybe you can just tell by their actions, but this person has proved that they’re in it for the long haul. If you’re anything like me, you may have even tried to push them away in the beginning, but they stuck around because they knew you were worth it. They’ve seen you at some of your not so great moments and love and accept you anyway.  If you’re comfortable enough to be more of who you are when you’re with them, not less, you’re definitely in the right relationship.