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Lashing out: Favorite falsies for every occasion

Sometimes the only thing that will complete a look fit for a night out is lashes – big, bold, and dramatic. When mascara just can't cut it, false lashes are a great beauty tool to reach for. With lashes for every look and occasion, the key is finding the right fit and style for you. As a picky lash wearer myself, I'm very finicky about the comfort of the lash band – it has to be thin, flexible, and lightweight to make all-night wear achievable. Here are 4 of my favorite comfy, yet chiclashes to keep your eye area well-dressed for any affair!  Read more

The Breakdown on Bangs

While bangs seem to fade in and out of style, the truth is, they are forever present in the world of hair. What changes, is their length, density and shape. The “fringe” (as the Brits say) can make a bold statement, or help to conceal a myriad of imperfections. Bangs are also an easy way to freshen up your look, without the commitment of a full haircut. Here are some of my favorite looks (and a few pointers to know if they are right for you!) Read more

Lip color that lasts through the night

So, you've made it to date night! Your outfit and hair are prepared to withstand whatever the night may hold - your lip color should be too. Here are 4 lippies to consider for getting fade, budge, and smudge-free wear no matter what your plans are. Read more

Body Shock: I Feel Ugly And Unsexy

Woman feels ugly on the outside
Do you secretly hate the way you look? Do you look in the mirror and despise the woman looking back at you? Do you believe men don’t find you attractive? So many women struggle with self-image problems it’s untrue. I hear it all the time, and it really makes me sad. I don’t care whether you’re overweight, whether you’re short, whether you’re breasts hang by your knees, whatever, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Read more

Introduction to the Fountain of Beauty

I want to look the very best I can, while not getting taken for a ride and staying safe along the way…. I think this is a pretty fair assessment of most healthy women’s goals for looking their best with the passage of time- but the world as it is presents several questions that can make choosing a path to these goals more than a bit frustrating: Read more